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General Information

Name:  Gene Mustain  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1948 in Pensacola, Florida

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Illinois Connection

Mustain was raised in Waukegan, Illinois. He lived in Lake County 1961-1977 and in Cook County 1977-1986.

Biographical and Professional Information

In the early 80's Gene was a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. He relocated and worked for the New York Daily News from 1986 through 1999, when he joined the teaching staff at the University of Hong Kongand was the Director of the Reporting & Writing Programme & Senior Teaching at the University.Today he is the president of Geneworks and does writing and editing services of many types -- from ghost writing to doctoring manuscripts to preparing speeches.

Published Works

  • Murder Machine, (With Jerry Capeci) Onyx Books, 1993
  • Gotti, Rise and Fall, (With Jerry Capeci) Onyx Books, 1996
  • Mob Star, The Story of John Gotti,(With Jery Capeci) Alpha Books, 1988 - reprinted in 2002

Selected Titles At Your Library

Murder machine :
ISBN: 0451403878. OCLC Number:

Onyx,. New York :. ©1993.

Examines what many believe to be the most deadly hit gang in organized crime, the DeMeo gang.

Gotti :
ISBN: 0451406818. OCLC Number:

Penguin Group,. New York, N.Y. :. ©1996.

In this year's most explosive true crime thriller, the authors expose the dark underside of New York's organized crime syndicate and its undisputed leader, John Gotti. Boldly written and masterfully paced, this book gives all of the incredible details behind the downfall of America's most famous and fascinating gangster since Al Capone.

Mob star :
ISBN: 0028644166. OCLC Number:

Alpha Books,. Indianapolis, IN :. ©2002.

He was a little-known wiseguy out of Howard Beach, Queens, who blasted his way into the public eye with the assassination of Gambino Family boss Paul Castellano in December 1985, a rubout that's the stuff of Mafia legend. Ruthless, cunning, and tougher than the streets that produced him, John Gotti seized control of the nation's most powerful crime family, beat the law on rap after rap, and became an American legend. First published in 1988 and fully revised and updated for this edition,



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Contact Information Faith Childs Literary Agency Faith Childs 915 Broadway, Suite 1009 New York, New York 10010 212-995-9600