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Name:  Judi McCoy  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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Judi McCoy is retired from her career as a nationally rated women’s gymnastic judge, and now writes and promotes her dog walker series full time, teaching aspiring authors and speaking at conferences around the country.

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Heaven in your eyes /
ISBN: 0821774964. OCLC Number: 52097080

Kensington Publ. Corp.,. .

Feberal Marshal Anne McAllister is responsible for protecting a mafia thug; however, turns out he isn't with the mafia, but an undercover agent trying to sniff out a traitor in the Marshal's program. But there something about the guy that isn't adding up. He doesn't hold his gun right or react the way a Marshal should. And he knows initmate things that were shared with only one other man.

Heaven sent /
ISBN: 0821774972. OCLC Number: 53092078

Kensington Pub. Corp.,. .

Widowed detective Nathan Baxter, while trying to keep his matchmaking mother at bay, finds himself drawn to his daughter's new kindergarten teacher Miss Starr, who, despite her strange aura, opens his heart to the possibilities of a second chance at love and happiness.

Match made in heaven
ISBN: 0821774980. OCLC Number: 54760675

Zebra Books,. .

Prim headmistress Honoria Hewitt can't believe she let herself get talked into such a humiliating predicament. If her family's school, the Hewitt Academy, didn't desperately need the money, there's no way she would be standing on stage in a body-hugging red dress waiting for eligible bachelors to bid on her like some door prize. Not that she expects any man to ante up for her ... especially not gorgeous playboy Alexander Vandencort ...

Match made in heaven /
ISBN: 0739441426. OCLC Number: 244450547

Zebra Books,. .

Mistletoe and mayhem /
ISBN: 0060732059. OCLC Number: 56819601

Avon Books,. .

A holiday collection of tales of mystery and romance presents works by Christie Ridgway, Judi McCoy, Joanne Pence, and Katherine Hall Page, whose popular sleuth Faith Fairchild encounters a deceptive Christmas miracle.

Say you're mine /
ISBN: 0821771426. OCLC Number: 50430231

Kensington Pub. Corp.,. .

Libby Grayson returns to her childhood home in the Florida Keys somewhat defeated and decidedly bitter. She spent the last seven years of her life in New York building a career as an accountant and living with her partner, Brett, and their son, J.P. But when Brett suddenly leaves her, she realizes that she'd been a fool to ever trust him. Back in Sunset Key, Libby finds that the quaint town she remembers is shabby, run-down, and in dire need of help--and her grandfather's restaurant is probably in the worst shape of all.

Wanted :
ISBN: 9780061977183. OCLC Number: 317396243

HarperCollins e-books,. .

Wanted :
ISBN: 0060560797. OCLC Number: 54101729

Avon,. .

Daniel Murphy has never gotten stargazing out of his system. Even as he and his young son hide out in Button Creek, Texas, the ex-astronomy professor still finds excitement in the stars. When a stunning new waitress from out of town -- way out of town -- starts working at the local diner, Daniel finds watching her even more exciting. Every red-blooded male around, in fact, has eyes for this bewitching stranger. Zara is a little bit more unusual than most women, and is oddly unfamiliar with cars, washing machines, and many other everyday appliances. But what the good-looking single dad doesn't realize is that passionate chemistry between them could take them both a lot farther than he ever imagined. Because Zara's come a long, long way looking for one perfect man

Wanted :
ISBN: 0060560800. OCLC Number: 57121914

Avon,. .

Love From Out Of The Blue - Paul Anderson is an overworked small-town doctor and single dad who needs someone to care for his house and his dynamo twin two-year-old boys. The stunning, curvaceous redhead in his waiting room seems absolutely perfect -- too perfect, maybe. Lila is as kind and caring as she is sexy, and Paul thinks she's an angel come down from heaven ... and he's not that far off! But Lila didn't travel all this way just for full-time employment; she wants her freedom ... and has had Paul Anderson specifically in mind for something important since well before they even met. Because Paul has been designated as the ideal male, the one man who can give Lila exactly what she needs to successfully complete her mission in thirty days. And it all starts with one special kiss.