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Name:  Judi McCoy  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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Judi McCoy is retired from her career as a nationally rated women’s gymnastic judge, and now writes and promotes her dog walker series full time, teaching aspiring authors and speaking at conferences around the country.

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Say You're Mine
ISBN: 0821771426

Zebra. 2002

Libby Grayson, a spirited single mom, unwittingly finds herself captivated by gorgeous Irishman Declan O'Shea, who claims to be a sea captain from the eighteenth century returning to find a buried treasure. Original.

Heaven Sent
ISBN: 0821774972

Zebra. 2003

Widowed detective Nathan Baxter, while trying to keep his matchmaking mother at bay, finds himself drawn to his daughter's new kindergarten teacher Miss Starr, who, despite her strange aura, opens his heart to the possibilities of a second chance at love and happiness. Original.

Heaven In Your Eyes
ISBN: 0821774964

Zebra. 2003

Guarding a man who she believes is under witness protection, U.S. marshal Anne McAllister discovers that her charge is undercover agent Drew Falcone, whose case places both of them in the path of the mafia and with whom Anne finds herself on the run. Reprint.

Match Made in Heaven
ISBN: 0739441426

Zebra Books. 2004

Sexy, sly and always surprising, Judi McCoy's romantic novels are enchantingly out of this world. In Match Made in Heaven, tow set-in-their-ways soul mates discover that true love exists...but sometimes it just needs a little extra help...

Wanted: One Perfect Man (Starlight Trilogy, Book 1)
ISBN: 0060560797

Avon. 2004

Once a respected astronomy professor, Daniel Murphy is now on the run with his 8–year–old son when he kidnapped him from his grandparents. He's settled in a small town in Texas, owns the local gas station, but he still harbours a love for the stars. One night as father and son are gazing into the night sky, they spot an unusual shower of stars... The next day, Daniel meets new waitress Zara at the local diner. There's something different about this ethereal beauty.

Wanted: One Special Kiss (Starlight Trilogy, Book 2)
ISBN: 0060560800

Avon. 2004

A dazzling love story as only Judi McCoy can tell it.

Lilah has travelled far from home with only a vague plan to make her dreams come true. But when she finds herself in a small coastal Virginia town, answering an ad for a housekeeper, and taking care of two adorable twin boys for an overworked physician father, Lilah knows her plan has gone astray. Falling in love should be the furthest thing from her mind, but there's no stopping her heart when it decides to take the ultimate plunge.

Mistletoe and Mayhem
ISBN: 0060732059

Avon. 2004

A holiday treasury of original tales of romance, mystery, and suspense presents works by Christie Ridgway, Judy McCoy, Joanne Pence, and Katherine Hall Page, whose popular sleuth Faith Fairchild encounters a deceptive Christmas miracle. Original.



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