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General Information

Name:  Sarah Grace McCandless  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Born: 1974 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

She was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

McCandless was a marketing director for Dark Horse Comics, in Portland, Oregon and then became a freelance writer. She has been a contributor to ''Sexy Chix: An Anothology of Women Writers and Artists'' and to the periodicals, ''Mudsugar'', ''Daily Candy'' and ''Venus''.

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Titles At Your Library

Grosse Pointe Girl: Tales from a Suburban Adolescence
ISBN: 0743256123

Simon & Schuster. 2004

Welcome to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where social rank is determined by the age of your money and the dryness of your martini.
The new girl in town, Emma Harris, must prove herself hip to the rigid rules of adolescent conformity. The quest for cool, she discovers, is one long final exam. To pass she must be cruel to be kind (ditching her best friend for the popular crowd), dress to impress (trading her favorite Esprit shirt for three plastic bracelets), and master the art of seduction (puckering up with Mulberry Stain or Peaches 'n' Cream lip gloss). Life is all about making choices -- the right ones.
Will Emma's social acrobatics put her on the short list for that coveted country club membership? Will the digits of her zip code pass muster? If her parents split up, will the gossip help or hurt her in the rankings? Grosse Pointe Girl serves as an indispensable road map through the dysfunction privilege brings. So put on your Guess? jeans and your jelly shoes and come along for the ride to the adolescent days that time forgot, but you never will.

The Girl I Wanted to Be: A Novel
ISBN: 0743285182

Simon & Schuster. 2006

As a lowly freshman named for "The King," Presley Moran walks high school corridors paved with the stuff of family legend. Her cousin Barry, a senior heartthrob and brainy varsity letterman, insists that looking good on paper is the key to success. But Presley's young aunt Betsi, a former homecoming queen, has her own ideas about good looks and how to use them.

"Can you keep a secret?" Betsi asks Presley, who, at age fourteen, is eager for entrée into the adult world of beauty, attraction, and romance. But as Presley is about to discover, some secrets should never be revealed. Will the illicit thrill of being a trusted confidante, privy to the details of muddled entanglements and incompatible desires, be worth the consequences of guilt by association?

Propelled by the crash of falling idols, The Girl I Wanted to Be is a timeless and true portrait of passion, loss, and hard-won wisdom.

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