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General Information

Name:  Dan P. McAdams  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Mr McAdams is chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University.

Biographical and Professional Information

Published Works

  • George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream, Oxford University Press, 2010
  • The Redemptive Self: Stories Americans Live By, Oxford University Press, 2015
  • The Stories We Live By: Personal Myths and the Making of the Self, Guilford Press, 1997
  • Identity and Story: Creating Self in Narrative, American Psychological Association, 2006
  • The Person: An Introduction to the Science of Personality Psychology, Wiley, 2008
  • Turns in the Road: Narrative Studies of Lives in Transistion, American Psychological Association, 2007
  • Generativity:..., American Psychological Association, 1998
  • Intimacy, Doubleday, 1989
  • Power, Intimacy, and the Life Story, Guilford Press, 1988
  • The Person: An Integrated Introduction to Personality Psychology, Harcout Brace, 2001

Selected Titles At Your Library

The redemptive self :
ISBN: 0195176936. OCLC Number:

Oxford University Press,. Oxford ;. 2006.

Based on 10 years of research on the life stories of especially caring and productive American adults, The Redemptive Self explores the psychological and cultural dynamics of the stories Americans tell to make sense of who they are. Among the most eloquent tellers of redemptive stories are those midlife adults who are especially committed to their careers, their families, and making a positive difference in the world. These highly "generative" men and women embrace the negative things that happen to them, for it is by transforming the bad into good that they are able to move forward in life and ultimately leave something positive behind. Unconsciously, they find inspiration and sustenance in the rich store of redemptive tales that American culture offers - from the autobiographies of Massachusetts Puritans, Benjamin Franklin, and escaped African-American slaves to the stories of upward mobility, recovery, fulfillment, and release that come to us today from Hollywood, 12-step programs, self-help experts, religious stories, political speeches, business gurus, and Oprah. --Publisher.

The stories we live by :
ISBN: 1572301880. OCLC Number:

W. Morrow,. New York, N.Y. :. ©1993.

An account of the ways in which we use stories across the life cycle and thorugh history ; provides new insights into the ways in which we maintain our identity.

Turns in the road :
ISBN: 1557987734. OCLC Number:

American Psychological Association,. Washington, DC :. ©2001.


Generativity and adult development :
ISBN: 1557984700. OCLC Number:

American Psychological Association,. Washington, DC :. 1998.

Generativity and Adult Development brings together the most creative and informed contemporary thinking and research being done on the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of generativity in adult lives. The book draws together a roster of scholars from the fields of life-span development, personality and social psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, and the arts. The reader will find here a host of stimulating ideas, new research findings, and clinical wisdom about how adults fashion their lives in ways designed to promote the ensuing generations and to leave an enduring legacy that will outlive the self.

Power, intimacy, and the life story :
ISBN: 0898625068. OCLC Number:

Guilford Press,. New York :. ©1988.

The person :
ISBN: 0155080660. OCLC Number:

Harcourt College Publishers,. Fort Worth :. [2000]

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