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General Information

Name:  Karl Hoepfner  

Pen Name: Karl Boyd

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1936 in Bartonville, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Karl was born and raised in a suburb of Peoria, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Karl is a retired US Air Force Master Sergeant. Much of his writing is taken from personal experiences while serving with the military in such locations as Bermuda, Iceland, Saudi Arabia and Hawaii, plus the Middle and Far East. Karl and his wife, Carol, now reside on the Gulf Coast of Texas where he enjoys fishing and writing. Nine years ago, at the age of 65, Karl began writing

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Titles At Your Library

The Nearly Perfect Plan
ISBN: 0557034981 2008

Book by Boyd, Karl

The Cyrus Caper
ISBN: 0557091411 2009

In The Cyrus Caper the second lighthearted crime novel of a trilogy, Roger, Carl, and most members of their gang are running amok again. After escaping from prison and eluding the FBI Roger and Carl decide to take a cruise. When their cruise turns out to be a disaster, Roger and Carl make plans to get even with the Cyrus cruise line by hijacking and robbing the same ship. In a surprise move, Roger and Carl are given a chance to complete their plans under the supervision of their old nemesis, FBI Agent Jake Polk. The pair of con men agrees to assist the law, but Roger has other more devious plans. Double and triple crosses abound in this rollicking tale of deception, scheming and subterfuge. As always, with Roger and Carl, nothing is as it seems. Karl Boyd turns his outstanding talent into high gear, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the final, surprising conclusion. Come along with Roger and Carl on another superbly planned caper - this time on the high seas.

From China with Love
ISBN: 1604520353

BluewaterPress LLC. 2009

If China is to survive, it must have more land for its millions of citizens. The Chairman tasks his ministers to formulate a ten-year plan to conquer all of Mexico, the U. S. A., and Canada, thereby turning the territory into “New China” while avoiding a horrific third world war. Within twelve months, the strategy is finalized and the multi-pronged invasion of North America begins quietly. The devilishly clever operation is totally unobserved by the American public, their military and/or politicians, and their neighbors to the north and south. The diversified main characters are two new mothers from Los Angeles, and their babies attempting to reach safety inland a college student from Utah whose family has been wiped out a police Lieutenant from Sulfur Springs, Colorado, the only survivor on his shift and tasked with trying to save as many citizens as possible while awaiting the conquering forces and a young FBI agent whose father was killed in the attack. As the few lucky ones struggle to survive and deal with the invaders, along the way there is mystery, suspense, danger and romance, together with a terrible realization that perhaps the United States is soon to be a thing of the past. As with all of Karl Boyd’s novels, the ending is unexpected and decidedly different. You’ll be tempted to turn to that last page, but please don’t until you get there naturally. Why spoil a wonderful novel?

The Texas Two Card Hold 'Em Heist
ISBN: 0557541239 2010

Roger, Carl and their gang are at it again - this time they're back in Las Vegas, where they plan to steal the first prize of twenty million dollars from the final table at the Universal Poker Tour. As usual, Roger's final plan is unique and deceitful. Along with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies, you'll wonder how they did it and where the money is. As a bonus, readers finally discover what one of their previous victims, Richard Murdock, wants Roger and Carl to do in repayment for swindling him so may years ago. Although the pair of con men agrees to do Richard's biding, as always, with Roger and Carl and their nefarious assistants, nothing is as it seems. Be prepared for more double crosses and a story that keeps you guessing until another unexpected conclusion. Long-time fans of Karl Boyd's novels will wonder if this third part of the trilogy is actually the last adventure they'll share with Roger and Carl. But, fear not, there is a fourth episode being written as we speak.

Signs of Our Times
ISBN: 1424178657

PublishAmerica. 2007

In this new-age war of madness, mayhem and murder against civility, democracy and freedom, there are instances when mankind receives assistance from unsuspecting and unexpected sources. This is one of those times. When the President of the United States and hundreds of thousands of Americans become the target of a nerve gas attack at the annual Cotton Bowl game between Texas and Oklahoma, a small group of courageous citizens, members of the local police force and the FBI join forces to thwart the terrorists. As they attempt to decipher the clues left behind by a murdered mute bio-chemist, the terrorists make their final diabolical plans, filling thirty-two fire extinguishers with deadly toxin and hiding them in plain view. Filled with unusual twists and turns, Signs of Our Times grabs you from the first paragraph and keeps you guessing until the unexpected conclusion.

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