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General Information

Name:  Mary Jane Miller  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: 1936 in Chicago, Illinois

Died: 2011 in Naperville, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Born and raised on Chicago's west side, Mary Jane Miller attended Trinity High School and Rosary College.

Biographical and Professional Information

Miller was a teacher at St. Jane de Chantal on the South Side of Chicago for many years. Recentlly she was also a children's book judge for the annual Society of Midland Authors book awards. She passed away after a long illness.

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Titles At Your Library

Me and My Name
ISBN: 0595003303

iUniverse. 2000

p>Does a new name make a new you?

Which name? Which boyfriend? Which answer? Yes or no?

Erin never had to make so many decisions before!

Should she be adopted by her stepfather and change her name? If you have been Erin Mitchell all your life how can you turn into Erin Zanin?

Mitchell has always sounded fine?lus it connects her to her dad.

But Leo is a great stepdad and now that her mother? expecting, having the same last name would really make them all a family. Mitchell or Zanin? What do you do?

Then there? Richard and Ryan. How do you choose between two cute guys? Should it be Richard, the popular jock or smart and funny Ryan?

Erin even has to choose between ?es?and ?o.?Can she say no to Kim Adams the most popular girl in sixth grade when Kim gives her a dare?

How many choices should one kid have to make, anyway? And how do you make them?

Upside Down
ISBN: 059500332X

iUniverse. 2000

Sometimes the only thing you can count on is change.Nothings been the same since Saras father died a year ago. Her brother Jon who used to be fun is turning into a bossy, boring grown-up who tries to act like hes her dad. Shes got the worst teacher in sixth grade. Millie her best friend is not in her class. Awful Adam Quigley is! That means, hell chase and torment her for another year.Could it get any worse? Yes! Worst of all, her mom is dating Adams father, Dr. Quigley, their new dentist. Barbecues and baseball games with Adam and his family especially his sister Laurel are hardly Saras idea of fun. Shes got to stop her mothers romance.Will Sara go through with her plans? Or will she find theCourage to accept the changes in her life?

Going the Distance
ISBN: 0595003311

iUniverse. 2000

p>Loren has big plans for her life, it's too bad her parents are making them. Loren Monroe thinks of herself as strong, responsible, and independent. She has to be, since her parents are interested only in painting, writing songs, and moving to a new city every few months, they forget things like registering Loren for school or attending her next swim meet. Loren has had enough. She knows Mom and Dan lover her but she's gone the distance for them, and it's time they came through for her. How can she convince them that she's growing up faster than they realize?

Fast Forward
ISBN: 0595003338

iUniverse. 2000

Where would the music come from without Margy?Together, we were in tune.Kayla hopes sixth grade will be better than fifth. ButWhen Margy, her best friend moves to Chicago and meets Noelle everything seems to go wrong.Brett, the boy Kayla likes acts as if she doesnt exist.Mrs. Hanh, Kaylas flute teacher tells Kayla that she is ready to play solo in the Christmas concert. And, her scienceteacher Mr. Frankel, announces for the first time sixth graders will be part of the Science Fair.What can you do when youre stuck up to your eyeballswith too much to do? And how do you do it when your parents expect an "A" in everything and your best friend isnt there to help you.Kayla wishes she could fast forward herself through the year. Can Kayla let go of the fast forward button, and learn to discover her own strength?