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Name:  James R. Snedden  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1933 in Peoria, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

James Sneeden was born and raised on the Illinios Prairie.

Biographical and Professional Information

After a successful business career, during which he also authored a weekly newspaper column for the Copley Los Angeles Papers, he authored his first non-fiction business book but soon turned to fiction.

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Titles At Your Library

Death on the Hill
ISBN: 1931402051

Barclay Books Llc. 2001

As a favor to an old friend, a vacationing Chicago investigative reporter is pressed into action to cover the story. Due to the nature of the killing, it soon becomes obvious that standard police investigative procedures on't be enough to solve the crime.

After the murdered woman's identity is established, it becomes apparent that things aren't what they appear to be. During a visit to the dead woman's office, the reporter notices a picture of the woman and two Chinese men. He recognizes one as the key figure in the Democratic National Committee fundraising scandal, and the other turns out to be a Triad leader wanted in Hong Kong.

Calling on his contacts in Washington, he is put in touch with three local Asian sources in the Los Angeles area to help him dig out information. Enlisting the help of influential members of the local Chinese community and two tenacious detectives from Hong Kong, the mystery is solved . . . but in the most bizarre way imaginable!

Do No Harm
ISBN: 1931402272

Barclay Books Llc. 2002

Three young men with totally different aspirations meet in medical school where they form a lasting friendship. The author follows their lives, cleverly weaving their stories of intrigue and sex, probing the events influencing their lives, ambitions, and career:

Charles, poor boy from up state New York, whose goal is wealth and social status. He sets up practice in the City of New York however, when legitimate means don’t produce financial rewards quickly enough, he resorts to criminal activity, consorting with members of the underworld and making himself vulnerable to blackmail.

Abner, a farm boy from rural Illinois, inspired by the doctor who cared for his family. His altruistic motives turn to disappointment when reality replaces dreams. Returning to his hometown, he is met with resentment and hostility and must decide to leave or stay and fight.

David, the rich boy from San Francisco. The only son of a wealthy businessman, he chooses medical school to escape his parents and their plans for him to carry on the family business. An adventurer and ladies man, tragedy strikes just as he finds purpose in his life.

Ostara Night: Death of a Coven
ISBN: 1424120950

Self. 2006

The Reluctant Spirit
ISBN: 1461101719

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

During the “Great Depression” many people took to the road. They were called hobos, drifters, tramps or bums. Among those were bankers, lawyers, businessmen, farmers and stockbrokers: men who lost it all, and ashamed of their failure and unable to feed their families. They begged, stole and/or did odd jobs to earn food they searched backyard clotheslines for clothing and whatever else they could utilize. This is the story of Josh Smith, a hobo who during that time took to the road and foraged in the heartland for food, and a place to bed down at night however, Josh's drifting lifestyle came to an abrupt halt in the fall of 1939 in Silo, Kansas. It is also a story of Craig Richards, who is summoned decades later by those from the spirit world as the one mortal person who can release them from this world into the next.



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