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General Information

Name:  William Horton Kurtis  

Pen Name: Bill Kurtis


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1940 in Pensacola, Florida

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Illinois Connection

Kurtis moved to Chicago in 1966 to work at WBBM-TV's Channel 2 News Chicago. He lived there until 1982. He returned to Chicago in 1985 to produce documentaries for the television show ''The New Explorers'' and worked at WBBM-TV as an anchorman there until 1996. Kurtis continues to reside in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kurtis was born William Horton Kuretichis in 1940. He is a television news anchor, broadcast journalist, producer and television executive. He is well-known as the former CBS News anchor and host of A&E's ''Investigative Reports'', ''American Justice'', and ''Cold Case Files''. He has also anchored the ''CBS Morning News'' and was a popular news anchor at WBBM-TV in Chicago.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes), contact William Morris Agency Robert Gotlieb 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10019

Selected Titles At Your Library

Bill Kurtis on assignment /
ISBN: 0528810057. OCLC Number: 9732325

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The death penalty on trial :
ISBN: 158648446X. OCLC Number: 55633923

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In Death Penalty on Trial, Kurtis takes readers on his most remarkable investigative journey yet. Together, we revisit two harrowing murder scenes, study the evidence and explore the tactical decisions made before and during trial, which sent two innocent men to death row. Through these cases, we encounter the eight main reasons why the wrong people are condemned to death, including overzealous and dishonest prosecutors, corrupt policemen, unreliable witnesses and expert witnesses, incompetent defence lawyers, bias judges and prison informants. We see why the new jewel of forensic science, DNA, is revealing more than innocence and guilt, opening a window into the criminal justice system that could touch off a revolution of reform. Ultimately we come to a remarkable conclusion: The possibility for error is simply too great to allow the death penalty to stand as its ultimate punishment.

We interrupt this broadcast :
ISBN: 1570713286. OCLC Number: 38916595

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An illustrated book and two audio CDs provide actual news broadcasts and background information for 38 events of the 20th century.