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Name:  Paul Hornschemeier  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Other

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1977 in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Illinois Connection

The author moved to Chicago after graduation and began work on Forlorn Funnies. He currently resides in Chicago where he is still at work on the Forlorn Funnies, various music projects, and illustration work for clients from ''This American Life'' to ''Life Magazine''.

Biographical and Professional Information

Even as a child Paul thought he might publish his own comic books one day. While majoring in philosophy and psychology at Ohio State, Hornschemeier was introduced to the graphic novel Ghost World by Daniel Clowes and was impressed. He saw that comics could be a venue for exploring issues that are far from superficial. Following graduation he began publishing his own black and white comics.

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Titles At Your Library

Life with Mr. Dangerous
ISBN: 0345494415

Villard. 2011

Somewhere in the Midwest, Amy Breis is going nowhere.

Amy has a job she hates, a creep boyfriend she’s just dumped, and a best friend she can’t reach on the phone. But at least her (often painfully passive-aggressive) mother bought her a pink unicorn sweatshirt for her birthday. Pink. Unicorn. For her twenty-seventh birthday.

Gliding through the daydreams and realities of a young woman searching for definition, Life with Mr. Dangerous showcases acclaimed cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier’s gift for deadpan humor and dead-on insight with a droll aftertaste—an unlikely but welcome marriage of the bleak and the hopeful.

Mother, Come Home
ISBN: 1560979739

Fantagraphics. 2009

With clean, distinctive art and poignant storytelling, this is a quietly stunning tale of a father and son struggling, by varying degrees of escapism and fantasy, to come to terms with the death of the boy's mother.

Mother, Come Home is Paul Hornschemeier’s piercing graphic-novel debut, long out of print and now available for the first time in hardcover. It secured the cartoonist’s place as one of his generation’s most skillful and ambitious practitioners, and proved a harbinger of the subject matter that the artist would go on to explore most consistently in later work: the nuclear family.

Mother, Come Home quietly studies the inner lives of recently widowed David and his 7-year-old son, Thomas both are unable to deal with their grief directly. Thomas, protected by a lion’s mask that his mother gave him, constructs an identity for himself as “the groundskeeper”: ritual and routine, already important to children that age, become paramount to him. He struggles desperately to keep up appearances while his father, a professor of symbolic logic, becomes lost in abstractions. Father and son begin to retreat into their fantasies, but only one emerges.

Mother, Come Home is masterfully drawn: Eisner-, Harvey-, and Ignatz-Award-nominated Hornschemeier’s controlled brushwork is clean, and his nine-panel page layouts pace David’s inexorable descent into utter despair. Hornschemeier is equally precise when it comes to Mother, Come Home’s color palette: subdued but warm, which suits the story’s melancholy and contemplative mode. Mother, Come Home is a powerful work with universal themes of anguish and loss.

All and Sundry Uncollected Work 2004-2009
ISBN: 1606992856

Fantagraphics Books. 2009

All and Sundry: Uncollected Work 2004-2009 corrals Paul Hornschemeire's work from the last five years. These works span mostly periodicals to European museums, including: drawings and comics created for an exhibit in Paris an award-winning cover exhibited in London the seventeen-part serialized tale "Huge Suit Vistis the People" created for the celebrated German newspaper Frankurter allgemeine Zeitung: and a few US comic strips for The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

The collection concludes with extensive selections from sketches and sketchbooks, demonstrating the variety and depth of the artist's interests and pursuits.

All and Sundry invites an examination of the entirety of Hornschemeire's process, from first fevered scrawl to final, pristine brush line.

Three Paradoxes
ISBN: 1560976535

Fantagraphics Books. 2006

An intricate, complex autobiographical comic blending multiple threads of reality and fantasy, each drawn in a different style, coming together as one story questioning change, progress, and worth in the author's life.

Return of the Elephant by Paul Hornschemeier

Adhouse Books. 2004

RETURN OF THE ELEPHANT SC - (Paul Hornschemeier) The story of a solitary man and the ulterior motives involved in a visit from a longtime friend of the family. Two-color interiors. 48 pp. MR. Graphic Novel

I Know God Smiles on These Good Times
ISBN: B000L6J7F2

I Don't Get It Graphics. 2001

Back issue comic.

Omega: The Unknown TPB
ISBN: 0785119434

Marvel Comics. 2007

This is the story of a mute, reluctant super hero from another planet, and the earthly teenager with whom he shares a strange destiny - and the legion of robots and nanoviruses that have been sent from afar to hunt the two of them down! Created in 1975 by Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes, the original Omega the Unknown lasted only ten issues, but was a legend to those who recall it - an ahead-of-its-time tale of an anti-hero, inflected with brilliant ambiguity. One of Omega's teenage fans was award-winning novelist Jonathan Lethem, who has used the original as a springboard for a superbly strange, funny, and moving graphic novel in ten chapters. Collects Omega: The Unknown #1-10.

Stand on a Mountain, Look Back: Sequential Book Seven
ISBN: 0971359717

Margo Mitchell Media Group. 2001

A year in the making, the follow up proper to the acclaimed Sequential no. 6, Sequential 7 sets its predecessor on its ear. At 128 pages (twice the size of 6), this is an undeniable cartooning tour de force, with stories ranging from a 30 page surreal story of symbols and self-degradation to one page weirdoes, to medium sized dramatic literature... Most notably features the unabridged version of the EXPO 2001 published "Ex Falso Quodlibet:" the wrenching tale of a creature struggling to make sense of loneliness in everyday life.

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