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General Information

Name:  George Chambers  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Poetry

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1931 in Cambridge, Mass.

Died: 2015

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Illinois Connection

Chambers lived in Peoria and was a full professor of English at Bradley University for 42 years.

Biographical and Professional Information

George Chambers was an author of six books of fiction and poetry. He published original creative work in anthologies, books and literary periodicals.

He served our country as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1951 to 1954, where he received a Korean service medal with three battle stars, United Nations service medal, National Defense service medal and Good Conduct medal.

Chambers graduated with his BA degree from Boston College in 1958 and his MA degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1963. He was a Professor of English at Bradley University until his retirement in 2011.

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Titles At Your Library

The Scourging of W.H.D. Wretched Hutchinson and Other Stories
ISBN: 0963809911

Summer House. 1995

Null Set and Other Stories
ISBN: 0914590340

Fiction Collective 2. 1977

The Dean is about to fire Professor Shakespeare because he lisps. In a tirade of racial and sexual bigotry, an old man defines moral integrity. An immigrant enters an "adult" bookstore and comes out in tears. Starved and hallucinating, a young man finds himself among the rescuers of the Donner Party. A man concerned with his "social survival" uses the wrong plate at a dinner party. Sitting at the right hand of God, a madame defends her trade as Art. A man says the rosary of defeat. An immigrant couple kiss a brick from Ernest Hemingway's swimming pool. A rape victim testifies to a life without choices. An old peasant goes to town to buy a letter to send his daughter in America. A cake becomes the supreme gesture of affection.

The Last Man Standing
ISBN: 0932511201

Fiction Collective 2. 1990

First, the voice of my father. First, the rasping death rattle of his voice calling me. His voice everywhere, surrounding. Each way I turn, his voice equally there, calling my name. Boy, rattled the voice. Boy. I start in each direction to go to him, but I hear the voice everywhere so I stand still. Boy, says the voice, its rattle thinning, hollowing. A thick fogbank rolling in over the water, father's figure rising from it. Father's figure draped in blue, a blue gown, his face swollen and bruised. A smear of yellow on his chest, a badge of yellow pulsing in the blue fabric. I rush into the water, shouting his name. Father! Just as I am about to dive and swim to him, he holds up his hand, commanding me to stop. I stand waist-deep in the freezing water. Murder, he says. I am murder. Is he saying murder, or mother? I can't be sure. Boy, Father says. I am put to death. No, I shout. No! The figure continues to rise, to swell as a corpse might after days in the water. It points at me. Boy, it commands. Find the one. Punish. Father! I shout, as the figure loses its structure, collapses into the rolling fogbank. Above the whispering I hear one last word. Sign, the deathsound says. Sign.

ISBN: 0978881133

Starcherone Books. 2008

Fiction. Illustrated by Tom Motley. Culminating his life-long engagement with the work and spectre of Samuel Beckett, Raymond Federman here pairs with fellow fictionist George Chambers (Null Set & Other Stories) to create the stories and dialogues of two vagabonds musing in the long shadows of Waiting for Godot. Add brilliant drawings by cartoonist Tom Motley and you have a one-of-a-kind book, at once profound and immersed in trivia, playful and yet as serious as death. "Stan & Oliver, Frog & Toad, Bud & Lou, The Sunshine Boys, Bill & Ted, Bouvard & Pecuchet--but most of all Vladimir and Estragon--stand behind this book like defrocked priests at an inquest. Old men rule!, at least in the glimmer of a watery eye and inconstant heart"--Charles Bernstein.