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General Information

Name:  Marjorie Eatock  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Romance

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1927 in Pittsfield, Illinois

Died: 2013 in Pittsfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Eatock lived in Pittsfield her entire life.

Biographical and Professional Information

Marjorie Eatock, wrote romance fiction novels for over 20 years.

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Titles At Your Library

Haunted Heirloom

Popular Library. 1975

In that deadly house of illusions, would even Jennifer's love turn into the leering mask of evil?

The Wedding Journey (A Candlelight Romance, No. 585)
ISBN: 0440194997

CR 585 Jul. 1980. 1980

The Wedding Journey by Marjorie Eatock "Don't move, or I'll shoot!" Victoria Landam held the gun - Lady Victoria, who had worn the Landam sapphires, promised her hand to the elegant Paul Winterthur, Earl of Clattham, and crossed an ocean to keep her word. What was she doing in a ruined cabin - ragged, cold, and hungry - as a blizzard raged across the prairies? Where was she going on this harrowing journey with a boy, an Indian, a vicious young girl - and Owen Verinder? Owen, who had come to meet her, to marry her - by proxy - and bring her to his cousin Paul. Huge, ruggedly handsome, he stood before her. Delicate as a reed, Victoria steadied the gun. Owen had asked her to choose between love and honor. She was ready to cross the wilderness but could she cross the savage frontiers of her own heart?

Too Many Candles
ISBN: 0445044489

Popular Library. 1979

Book by Marjorie Eatock

See No Evil
ISBN: 0802708625

Walker & Co. 1985

Unaware that she was unable to see him, a killer tracks down Linda Pietra an amateur pilot who accidentally strayed over the murder scene

Stolen holiday (A Candlelight ecstasy romance)
ISBN: 0552121495

Corgi. 1983

A New Life of Her Own
ISBN: 0886466598

Dh Audio. 1994

Over the Rainbow
ISBN: 0786202068

Thorndike Pr. 1994

Despite a rewarding career and active social life, Marian feels restless until visiting a small town on a work assignment, where she meets Don Worth, a handsome widower

A Second Sunrise (To Love Again)
ISBN: 0821749056

Zebra. 1995

After losing a promotion and her job to a younger woman, Lucy Maud Marshall packs up her car and sets out on a trip to her old hometown, where she encounters unexpected romance with a handsome widowed businessman. Original.