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General Information

Name:  Hope C. Hill  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Poetry

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1975 in Champaign, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

The author was born in Champaign and now lives in Springfield.

Biographical and Professional Information

Hope C. Hill, Daughter of Teresa J. Houston and Alan D. Thomas Sr. (Deceased), was born on April 22, 1975 in Champaign, Illinois. She was baptized at St. Agnes Catholic School and Parish in Springfield, Illinois. Her parents later moved to Longview, Texas for a short interim before returning to Springfield, Illinois to reside with family. She has lived in Springfield since then. Mrs. Hill attended Lanphier High School from 1989 to 1993. Her curricular activities while in school were, Lanphier Lion’s Pride, Show Choir, and Pom Squad. While she did not graduate from Lanphier High School, she attained her General Equivalent Degree in 1994. Mrs. Hill later married her current husband, Erik C. Hill, of Springfield, Illinois in 1994. They have three children together, two sons and one daughter. As well as being an author, Mrs. Hill enjoys painting in oils, painting digitally, and silk floristry. She has given a lecture to the Creative Writing Club of Lanphier High School, in which her daughter was a member. ''“Despite difficult and sometimes poor upbringings, we were not rich by any means, I have managed to self educate myself after failing to graduate. I believe that anyone can be who they want to be in life, as long as they are willing to work for it. I’m not the best, by any means, in fact there is so much more that I can learn, but I have achieved a mentality about life that has gone beyond my upbringing. I only hope that I can pass what wisdoms I have achieved to the next generation, so that they have an even better chance at life than I did.”''

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Titles At Your Library

Inkling Etchings
ISBN: 1463797729

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

Let me take you through my mind here now... From Poetry, Sonnets, and Prose, to Short Stories, Comedy, with a mixer of Erotica, the author gives us a delectable sample platter of writing.

Silhouettes of Hope
ISBN: 1424153743

PublishAmerica. 2007

As wind to wings of butterflies, I could as easily tell you truth as I could tell you lies. My truth may not be anything to you, to me this would be nothing new. I’ve learned to speak out of what I think all life holds. Learned also, life does not fit anyone’s molds. You ask me truth when you cannot know what I speak. You expect me to answer and oh I do, ever so meek. But what is truth really, when it suddenly comes? Does it have trumpets resounding, does it pound your soul like the desperation of drums? I think not, no, it is quite a pitiful show of desperation from someone who does not really know. Instead we shall color a new blank page and perhaps round our worlds out. Living day by day, night by night, so that we are filled, wickedly overflowing, that we feel we must do nothing but let loose ourselves and give shout. You asked me what is truth to me and I give it to you on a silver plate. And so here you are, simply put, I am but a woman and my life is the whim of fate. So, there you have it, there is nothing more to me and nothing less. Would you take me as I am or discard me as you would a pawn in a game of chess? Enjoy my words. ~H

Always Have, Always Hold, Always Cherish
ISBN: 1424147948

PublishAmerica. 2006

Alicia has lost her family. She comes into her inheritance with one condition. She must first have a season in London. Marriage is far from her mind, though, as she was raised with freedom of choice and enough education to stand on her own. Given no choice, she is whisked away to London with her aunt, who has a marriage for Alicia in mind. There, she is given entrance into the town by a long-time family friend, Duchess St. James. Unknown to Alicia, the duchess has matchmaking plans of her own. She has one son, the Duke, who would be perfect for Alicia. Will Alicia be able to resist this charming, handsome man who slowly wins her heart? Will he resist her also? Fate has its own path for them both, and leads them apart only to lead them back together again. Will they grab and keep hold of what means the most to them?

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