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General Information

Name:  David Crosby  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1930

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Illinois Connection

Dave and his wife Marcia lived in a tiny Illinois farm community where he wrote mystery stories and she did oil painting.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dave Crosby is an author, quality management consultant, and software developer-publisher. His Statistical Process Control (SPC) software was the first such program offered for the personal computer. He served as Corporate Quality Director for RCA, General Instruments, and Portec Inc. In 1980, Dave created ''The Crosby Company'' to develop software and training material for quality control. The U.S. Army awarded Dave ''The Outstanding Civilian Service Medal'' for his work in the Army Zero Defects program.

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Titles At Your Library

The Zero Defects Option (How To Get Your People To Do Things Right)
ISBN: 0980219205

The Crosby Company. 2008

A New Book For Leaders How To Get Your People To Do Things Right.

The Zero Defects Option is the only book that correctly explains the Zero Defects concept, and lays out the Seven Principles of Defect Prevention needed to implement the idea. It was written to explain your role in producing defect-free products and services. It's all about you. Every leader has the option to have work done right--or Not. If you understand the ZD concept--and apply the principles of defect prevention to your organization, the quality of your work will improve. You can even reach Zero Defects performance if that's what you want. Producing defect-free work doesn't depend on gimmick programs like Six Sigma, or even technical advances. Quality is a leadership option. The book shows how Zero Defects applies to all organizations performing work: Commercial and consumer manufacturers, military and governmental agencies, sports teams, schools, and even philharmonic orchestras. Author Dave Crosby boils his fifty years experience in the field of quality control and quality management down to one hundred pages. "Quality should be easy," says Crosby. "Dealing with angry customers, scrap, rework, and warranty payouts is a lousy way to spend your day. Preventing defects means money and peace and quite." Is this book worth the money? The price of the book is only $23.45. If it helps you prevent just one error, you've made a profit. You don't have any $23.45 errors - they all cost more. HereHere's what one Black Belt reader emailed to me: "Dave - I received your book today by mail, many thanks. Couldn't stop reading, so I finished it in one attempt. It was a joy to read and at the same time confronting. Today all the pieces fell into place." Another Black Belt wrote this: "Well, during a discussion with my boss, I stepped out on a limb and preached Zero Defects, along with the mentality that each employee should have about Zero Defects. He bought it whole heartedly. In fact, 10 minutes before he was to do a presentation to the employees, he threw in a slide about Zero Defects!! Thanks for your support and guidance...I couldn't have done it without you."

How To Run a Zero Defects Program
ISBN: 0980219221

The Crosby Company. 2009

"How To Run a Zero Defects Program" was written to explain the Zero Defects (ZD) concept and show the person who will actually run a program how to Plan, Implement, and Sustain the program.

The book uses football as a metaphor since winning in football is much like winning in business. The keys are commitment and leadership.

Want to know who will win the Super Bowl? It will be the team that makes the fewest mistakes. You can bet on it.

Those interested in improving quality should also order "The Zero Defects Option." This book describes the ZD concept and gives the Seven Principles of Defects Prevention.