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Name:  Les Davenport  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction


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The author lives in Brown County in West Central Illinois.

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Harvesting Rainbows/Rainbow of Death
ISBN: 143277106X

Outskirts Press. 2011

Prepare to have your every emotion taunted by the two fiction novels within this book! Though these stories are as different as day and night, both tell riveting accounts of how life can change in a heartbeat. The author guarantees readers their money will be well-spent on this book. Both the paperback and hardback versions have been designed with beautiful flip covers worthy of being collectable.

"Harvesting Rainbows" portrays how an ultra-wealthy man's life becomes drastically altered when his daughter and son-in-law die tragically in an auto accident. His grandson, Daniel, survives the accident, but is in a coma. The main character, Silas Miller, transforms from a hard-hearted, self-centered business tycoon to a man who is willing to trade his wealth and life for his grandson's recovery.

This novel offers readers of all ages a life's lesson about family, friends, and faith. By novel's end, your emotions will have run from their lowest low to their highest high. You will undoubtedly recommend this book to friends!

The second novel in this book, "Rainbow of Death," is rated historical fiction. It depicts the life of a fourteen-year-old boy who survives Hitler's gas chamber. He seeks revenge after his family is exterminated through ethnic cleansing during World War II. The main character, Aleski Zajac, a Sinti Gypsy, uses the skills taught to him by his father to hunt down a Nazi officer responsible for his family's massacre.

Hitler targeted many groups during his reign: Jews, half-breed Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Freemasons, homosexuals, mentally retarded, physically handicapped, and the insane. The story of the Sinti people is one rarely told! Sinti, Cygan, and Roma Gypsies were migratory clans much like many of the Native American Indian tribes they were family-oriented people living off the land throughout Europe. Hitler's regime literally hunted down these familial groups and killed them on the spot or sent them to death camps where they were gassed.

If you love a good war story, this novel will absolutely keep you reading to the end! Its surprise finale will cause you to ask yourself, "Why didn't I see that coming?" Readers will feel they've read a masterpiece worthy of a movie at this novel's conclusion. Both "Rainbow" novels are literary works of art!

The author, Les Davenport, writes in short chapters and with exceptional literary flair. This is his second novel. His first, "The Last Ute Chief," is rated 5-star on both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

The Last Ute Chief: A Vietnam War Story of Love and Heroism
ISBN: 1449035736

AuthorHouse. 2009

As an historic fiction novel, this book depicts the life of a Native American Ute, Boyd Barfoot, as he struggles with racism and the existence of God after making Army ranger and later being deployed to the Vietnam War. Derogatorily referred to as "Chief", Boyd earns the respect of all who come in contact with him. He also finds first-love with a Vietnamese girl - Mia Lee. Woven within the chapters of this novel are the factual causes leading up to the Vietnam War. Attempting to end Vietcong attacks of US troops near Saigon and the rescue of POWs in Cambodia are two of Boyd's spine-tingling adventures. Signed copies of this book can be purchased through the author's website:

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