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General Information

Name:  Garrett Cook  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1982 in Wenham, Ma

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Illinois Connection

Garrett lives in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

As soon as Garrett knew what a writer was, he wanted to be one. Vampire hunter and mad scientist, his secondary aspirations didn't really come to fruition. If it weren't for the support of understanding teachers and family members in his struggles with bipolar disorder and his learning disability, neither would a lot of things. He began my first serious attempt at a novel at 16.

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Titles At Your Library

Murderland Part I - H8
ISBN: 1439200815

BookSurge Publishing. 2008

Jeremy Jenkins is angry. His job as a pharmacist is unrewarding. He argues with his girlfriend. He lives in America, where killing has been made legal and serial killers are hot celebrity athletes and have spawned Reap, a demented subculture with millions of fans. Beings from another dimension that only he can see are turning people into terrifying automatons and breeding machines and all he can do to stop them is kill. America has become a scary place for Jeremy Jenkins and it might just get scarier. Can Jeremy reconcile his visions of a dark future with the reality of a twisted present? Jeremy’s earth shattering two-fisted pulp destiny begins.

Murderland II: Life During Wartime
ISBN: 1439257957

BookSurge Publishing. 2009

Jeremy and Cass have declared war on the world of Reap, but Jeremy's visions of the Dark Ones still haunt him. The answers are at the mall in Connecticut, where an old friend and some new allies join the battle, like the homeless street preacher General Lud and Inscrutability Jones, the king of the Connecticut underworld. The world of mechanized hatred and bestial violence has a new enemy and his name is Mr. 400, a controversial vigilante that will turn the Reap world upside down in a number of ways. The battle will be long. There will be many casualties and along the way dark secrets will be uncovered and prophecies of doom will echo. Things are heating up and will culminate in an explosion that will change Jeremy's life forever. Mr. 400, the lightning from God, will have to strike true.

Archelon Ranch
ISBN: 0980593824

Legume Man Books. 2009

Je ne suis pas un chapeau. Je suis un homme... In an overgrown, primeval, jungle-city state, Bernard is a test subject for science experiments. His father and Professor Sagramour have been injecting him with hallucinogenic mud and reality affirming drugs so that one day man will be immune to the insanity inducing, zombifying sentient green mud that is choking the suburbs. But Bernard is beginning to display side effects. Experiencing greater and greater levels of Objectivity cause his consciousness to become one with entities as diverse as pterosaurs and martinis. In the mind of the tyrannosaurus he hears the call of Archelon Ranch, a primal paradise like no other. Will Bernard's unique talents be enough to get him out of the senseless prehistoric cyberpunk city or will dinosaurs, Sagramour's Standardizers and the desire to lose himself in other entities be too much?

Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective
ISBN: 1936383632

Eraserhead Press. 2011

In a city ridden with prostitute furries, cannibal cops and warehouse-sized mob bosses, I've got my work cut out for me. My name is Jimmy Plush. I'm a private detective. I'm also a teddy bear. It all started when the original Jimmy Plush entered my life, offering to take my gambling debts away if I agreed to switch bodies with him. But I didn't know that being a three-foot-high plush toy would be such a living hell, especially now that everyone in town wants a piece of me. All I've gotten out of this deal is a faithful Chinese chauffeur, a custom teddybear .45, and a girlfriend who won't take off the fox suit she turns tricks in. Now I've got to keep this town clean and try to track down the real Jimmy Plush without losing my stuffing for good. Only one thing is for sure: Life is hard when you're soft. Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective is a high octane pulp satire. In the tradition of Sam Spade, The Shadow, Dick Tracy, Hellboy and Howard the Duck comes a new kind of hero, a hero that reminds us that the measure of a man is in his guts and his gun.

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