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Name:  Paul Lindsay  

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Paul Lindsay graduated from MacMurray College in 1968.

Biographical and Professional Information

Paul served a tour of duty in Vietnam as a Marine Corps infantry officer. He later joined the FBI and worked in the Detroit office for twenty years. He lives in Rye, New Hampshire.

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Witness to the Truth
ISBN: 0449147940

Fawcett. 1994

In 1992, FBI agent Paul Lindsay received commendation and a $600 incentive award from FBI director William Sessions for helping spearhead the capture of serial killer Benjamin Atkins. After writing this novel, Paul Lindsay -- a twenty-year veteran of the FBI -- became the victim of a vicious backlash. The Bureau threatened to fire Lindsay for insubordination, claiming he violated a company ban on accepting outside income. Was that the case? Or did Lindsay expose too much about an agency that likes to remain in the shadows?

Special Agent Mike Devlin is an exception to the FBI rule book. But when one too many unorthodox arrests gets him wiretap duty, Devlin gets an explosive earful: a traitor in the ranks is selling out the FBI's informants to the Mob. Yet closer to home, a fellow agent's daughter has been kidnapped, and a serial killer is the prime suspect. Now Devlin must put his career and his life in the cross-hairs of the Mafia and a maniac. But he wouldn't have it any other way.

Freedom to Kill
ISBN: 0449149943

Fawcett. 1998

An Ebola-type virus unleashed at Disney World. Random car bombings on interstate highways. Children's medicine bottles laced with poison. All the work of a demented but brilliant terrorist determined to blackmail the White House and bring the U.S. government to its knees.

FBI agent Mike Devlin breaks rules--and cases. But the hard-edged Devlin has never faced a manhunt as enormous and challenging as this before. Racing against the clock, scrambling for leads, clashing with fellow G-men, Devlin must break the case before one lone madman holds hostage the security of an entire nation.

Code Name: Gentkill
ISBN: 0449149021

Fawcett. 1996

--The New York Times Book Review

Hoover's boys have come a long way. The once buttoned-down Feds are getting as crazed as the criminals they're up against--breaking rules, breaking chops, and making enemies in a war zone of crime. But now someone is targeting them.
--Associated Press
Agent Mike Devlin is known for getting things done--by any means necessary. And with two FBI agents executed in cold blood and a million-dollar extortion case blowing up in the Agency's face, the beleaguered Detroit bureau needs Devlin's brand of insubordination.
--Chicago Tribune
Scratching, clawing, and cheating his way to the truth, the Bureau's loose cannon becomes the one common denominator in two separate cases, each masterminded by criminals with a grudge against the Feds. And once Devlin is in deep there's only one way out--the hardest way of all. . . .
"Lindsay's familiarity with the Bureau lends an air of absolute truth to the narrative, including the vicious political Bureau infighting."
--The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Fuhrer's Reserve: A Novel of the FBI
ISBN: 0684854031

Simon & Schuster. 2000

One after another, aged Nazis are being murdered in Europe, South America, and the United States. Enter FBI Special Agent Taz Fallon, who soon discovers the killings aren't the work of a vigilante bent on revenge for the Holocaust. Instead, they turn out to be part of an elaborate plot to put a new generation of Nazis into power. And the key to the entire scheme is a huge cache of paintings looted by Hitler from Jewish families during the Second World War. In The Führer's Reserve, Paul Lindsay weaves a tale of high stakes art smuggling, vicious homicides, and brilliant investigative prowess. Are Hitler's stolen masterpieces really hidden somewhere in Illinois?Could a secret Nazi sympathizer, known only as der Kurator, actually sell these works of art to finance a new Fascist movement? Can agent Taz Fallon, working with a beautiful young art historian, risk destroying Rembrandts, Titians, Vermeers, and countless other treasures to stop a Nazi coup?With a storyline as authentic as today's headlines, Lindsay -- a former, highly decorated FBI agent himself -- provides page-turning thrills and captivating insights into the way real world sleuths solve unimaginable crimes.It's no wonder that USA Today has written of Paul Lindsay, "Step aside, John Grisham!"

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