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Name:  Carol Koeller  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Children's Book Illustrator

Audience: Children;

Born: 1957 in Washington, D.C.

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Illinois Connection

Carol Koeller has lived in Chicago, Illinois since 1994

Biographical and Professional Information

Carol Koeller is a Children's Books illustrator.

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Titles At Your Library

Easel Art
ISBN: 0943452252

Building Blocks. 1997

Children can use a standard floor easel, smaller table easel, wall, outside fences, or clip boards as they enjoy the variety of art activities in Easel Art. Organized by medium, children can use paint, chalk, pencils, crayons, markers and more in new and different places.

On Track to Kindergarten/Camino Al Kinder (Spanish Edition)
ISBN: 0943452333

Building Blocks. 2001

Spanish Edition. Help children get ready for kindergarten. On Track To Kindergarten features 52 tear-out activity calendars plus game, song, and coloring pages. Each calendar is in the shape of a large train car which is filled with five activities children can do by themselves or with a partner. The activities and games help children learn to read, count, color, sing, and so much more! After children play the activity/game they can color that section of the train car.

On Track to First Grade
ISBN: 0943452341

Building Blocks. 2003

Parents want their children to be ready for school! On Track To FIRST GRADE is designed to get them prepared. The weekly tear-out sheets each feature 7-8 activities with games, puzzles, and mazes to teach children the academic and social skills they will need to flourish in first grade. They are easy-to-do, ready-to-use, and take few supplies. Perfect for today's busy, active families. Sequel to On Track To KINDERGARTEN.

Mommy, Daddy, Come Back Soon
ISBN: 1557987998

Magination Press. 2002

When Tyler's mom and dad go away for a few days, Tyler gets to stay at his best friend Cindy's house. This story is about a child's trepidation at being away from home for the first time and the joy and pride that can come with this new experience. The volume contains an extensive Note to Parents with specific suggestions for preparing a child for a short-term separation.

All about Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel about It [ALL ABT ADOPTION]

Magination Press. 2003

Why I Thank You, God
ISBN: 0758609116

Concordia Publishing House. 2006

Children learn to love reading when they equate it with special time with their parents, with sharing and showing loving attention. Reading encourages language development and concept recognition. When parents read about God, very young children associate the love they receive from their parents with the love of God for His children through Christ Jesus. They learn to associate the words they hear with the presence of God in their lives.

Children at this age are in the here and now. They are fully aware of what is right in front of them and are only beginning to use their imaginations. In this book, text and illustration work together to show God in concrete terms.

Why I Thank You, God teaches about the gifts God gives us every day, and especially the gift of Jesus, who forgives our sin and reconciles us to God.

Nick is Sick (Reader's Clubhouse Level 1 Reader)
ISBN: 0764132849

B.E.S. Publishing. 2006

This is volume three, Reading Level 1, in a comprehensive program (Reading Levels 1 and 2) for beginning readers.Two nine-book sets teach reading to children from preschool to grades K and 1, emphasizing phonics while also presenting a lively and engaging collection of facts and stories to make kids’ reading experiences enjoyable. Each title emphasizes one phonics family, the first five books in each set focusing on one vowel sound, and the remaining four books combining some vowel sounds or reviewing them all. Short vowel families are covered in Level 1 readers and long vowel families in Level 2 books. Fiction titles feature attractive illustrations and have story themes ranging from funny to serious. Each fiction title also suggests a brief activity that allows kids to interact with the book’s subject matter. Nonfiction titles are photo illustrated, and include “Fun Facts” to enrich children’s reading experiences. The nonfiction books contain the basic elements of a nonfiction book, including glossary and index. They also suggest web sites appropriate to kids’ interests where more information about each book’s subject is offered. Both fiction and nonfiction titles contain word lists that group each book’s words into “decodable” words—those containing the book’s main vowel sound, which the book is either teaching or reviewing. Word lists also include high-frequency words and challenging words included in the main text. All books present a letter to parents and teachers explaining the fundamental concepts underlying both the series and the specific title. Level 1 readers are designed for classroom or home schooling use in preschool and kindergarten, and Level 2 readers for kindergarten and grade 1. “Nick is Sick” is a story that covers the “short i” sound.

I Don't Want To Clean My Room: A Mess of Poems About Chores
ISBN: 0525477764

Dutton Juvenile. 2007

Sing-song, rhyming poems provide sixteen amusing twists to household chores, in a colorful picture book with full-color illustrations. By the author of Driving Daddy and Wake-Up, Mama!

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