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Name:  George N. Kulles  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fictional History Non-Fiction (Antique Glass)

Audience: Adult;

Born: December 12, 1926 in Peoria, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Kulles was born in Peoria, Illinois and has lived in East Moline, Rock Island and Chicago, Illinois. He currently resides in Homer Glen, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kulles was born in Peoria and moved to East Moline, Illinois. Honorably discharged from the US Army, he attended Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois where he received his Bachelor Degree. He moved back to Chicago and earned his Masters Degree from DePaul University, then took post-graduate classes at Loyala University and at the University of Chicago. His interest in antiques have led him to a secondary career - conserving, appraising, writing and lecturing about antique glass paperweights. Kulles is also a violinist and has played in several symphony orchestras and is currently first violinist of the Allegro String Quartet.

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Titles At Your Library

Identifying Antique Paperweights: Millefiori
ISBN: 0933756453

Paperweight Press. 2002

A revised edition of the first guide, focusing on millefiori canes and their role in indentifying 19th-century paperweights from major glass factories, with full color photographs and detailed line drawings.

Identifying Antique Paperweights Lampwork
ISBN: 0933756135

Paperweight Press. 1989

Identifying Antique Paperweights-- Lampwork by George N. Kulles Kulles' second book focuses on lampwork characteristics in antique paperweights. An indispensable guide for collectors. 204 detailed drawings.

Curse of the Imperial Paperweights
ISBN: 0933756194

Paperweight Press. 1996

George Kulles presents a murder mystery surrounded by a web of historical intrigue in this fast-paced thriller. When the world's most valuable paperweights disappear from Sotheby's New York the police suspect everyone. They're stumped and it seems the treasures will be lost to the world. There are simply no further avenues to follow. Or can the clues be found in the past of the paperweights?
Kulles performed extensive biographical research to bring the world's most historically famous paperweight collectors to life. Visit the world of Princess Eugenie, who spent twenty years mourning the loss of her husband and son. Follow Oscar Wilde's meteoric rise to stardom and his disgraceful fall from nineteenth-century Victorian society. Visit Eva Peron - the woman who promoted herself from harlot to President's wife. Acquaint yourself with the eccentric world of Truman Capote. Meet some of the most famous modern collectors including King Farouk, Arthur Rubloff, Paul Jokelson and Lawrence Selman.
At the center of this puzzling mystery reside three crystal paperweights - the most complex examples of glasswork ever produced. Are the tragedies the owners of these pieces suffer natural, or does it all have something to do with The Curse of the Imperial Paperweights?

Identifying Antique Paperweights: The Less Familiar
ISBN: 0933756437

Paperweight Press. 2002

This new guide brings years of conservator and collector,s experience to bear, in researching the arcane and unusual elements of antique paperweights, and providing information about the lesser-known glassmakers and factories of the 19th century. 6x9, 2002. Softcover. 73 pp.

Shards of the Assassin (Wheel of God)
ISBN: 1590805100

Echelon Press Publishing. 2007

The year is 1723. With the discovery of alternate routes to the riches of the East and her territorial losses to the Turks, Venice, the "Bride of the Sea," has long passed her prime. Blind to the gradual decline of their city, her nobility live off of the accumulated treasures of their ancestors, enjoying a decadent lifestyle dominated by carnivals, festivals, regattas, gambling dens, and houses of prostitution. Vittorio Ceruti, a young, brash apprentice to a violinmaker finds himself suddenly caught up by the intrigues of the Court. Angered at what he interprets as the betrayal of his deceased father, Vittorio openly espouses the Doge's overthrow--a crime punishable by death. Edigio Morelli, a cruel, Bible quoting captain in the service of the Republic's inquisitional Council of Ten, is charged with the apprehension of Vittorio. Unknown to young Ceruti, Captain Morelli has an unresolved vendetta that has obsessed him since the death of Vittorio's father who, in crossing of swords, cut off Morelli's ear. Driven to avenge his mutilation, Morelli vows to destroy the "seed of my sworn enemy."

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