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Arlene received her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University.

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Ms. Hirsch is a recognized expert in the field of career psychology. She founded Arlene S. Hirsch & Associates, a Chicago-based career and psychological counseling firm, in 1983 and joined Wolf Management Consultants in 2003.Her areas of expertise include: career planning, career management, career transition, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership development, and job search. Arlene received her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University and her Bachelors degree in English and Secondary Education from the University of Iowa.

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Interviewing (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides)
ISBN: 0471322571

Wiley. 1999

The tips and techniques you need to take charge of any interview! Knowing what to say in an interview--and how to say it--is critical. This revised and expanded guide to the art and science of interviewing will lead you step-by-step through every phase of an interview, from preparation to follow-up. This unique guide teaches you how to anticipate, plan, and present great responses to all questions, from the routine to the unexpected. You'll learn what employers are looking for and the steps you must take to interview successfully and get the job you want. This edition also reflects the recent changes in interview techniques, including a new chapter on behavior-based interviews. In addition to traditional interview strategies, you'll learn the skills you need to handle even the toughest interview situations confidently and securely. This essential reference covers it all, including:
* The ins and outs of putting together a winning self-marketing campaign
* The questions to expect-- and the important ones to ask
* Overcoming psychological roadblocks
* Turning humdrum answers into outstanding responses that showcase your strengths, character, and personality
* Navigating the rocky road of salary negotiations
* Important information on closing the interview
* Actual interviews with executive recruiters and headhunters
* Helpful tips for interviewing with foreign companies
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Interviewing (The national business employment weekly premier guides series)
ISBN: 0471156469

Wiley. 1996

Take Charge of the Toughest Interview Situations

Your complete guide to the art and science of interviewing has been thoroughly revised and expanded to lead you step-by-step through every phase of an interview, from preparation to follow-up. In addition to covering all the traditional interviewing strategies, this unique guide also shows you how to overcome psychological roadblocks so that you can build confidence and security. With the essential information you need to take charge of any interview situation, this new edition covers:

  • The ins and outs of putting together an effective self-marketing campaign.
  • Tips on questions to expect and the important ones to ask.
  • The rocky road of salary negotiations.
  • Managing your anxiety while leveling the psychological playing field.
  • Important information on "closing" skills.
  • Actual interviews with employers and headhunters.

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Habib and Me: The Strange But True Story of a Jewish-Palestinian Romance
ISBN: 0595298095

iUniverse, Inc.. 2003

What's a nice Jewish girl like Hannah doing with Habib, a young Diaspora Palestinian who clearly has an "ax to grind" with the world? And what does Habib, a twenty-seven-year old man want from a fifty-year-old Jewish woman?While Hannah worries that her handsome and erudite young lover secretly wants a Jewish mother, her family and friends are concerned that she's been seduced into a dangerous trap. When they learn that Habib's parents were part of Yasser Arafat's inner circle, it only heightens their anxiety and concern. But Hannah is convinced that she and Habib can make a love-filled life together. When they first lock eyes in the reception room of a nursing home in suburban Chicago, there's no denying the chemistry between them. As they leap headlong into uncharted romantic waters, they must confront the disapproval of family and friends along with their own personal, inner demons.In Habib and Me author Hannah Shifra takes her readers into the heart, soul, and bedroom of an intense, unpredictable, and often sweetly funny relationship. It is a bittersweet tale of forbidden love-told with laughter and through tears-a memoir that gives a human face to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and invites readers to view a controversial political conflict from a more intimate and personal perspective.

How to Be Happy at Work: A Practical Guide to Career Satisfaction
ISBN: 1563709805

Jist Works. 2003

Whether you are choosing your first career, rethinking the choices you made years before, or deciding how to spend pre- and post-retirement years, the right choices can make all the difference. Includes helpful real-life stories.

Job Search And Career Checklists: 101 Proven Time-Saving Checklists To Organize And Plan Your Career Search
ISBN: 1593571186

Jist Works. 2005

The thought of looking for a job is daunting to some people, where do they start? So imagine how helpful it would be to have a series of checklists to help them get started and organize their time and tasks. Job seekers gain immediate confidence by following these "to do" checklists. They know they've covered all their bases which leaves them more time to concentrate on important skills and tasks such as networking and interviewing. Whether starting a new career or analyzing present job progress, readers will find this book a great tool for assessing needs, gaining confidence in all job-hunting tasks that need to be accomplished, initiating job search, improving their current jobs, and exploring career options. Checklists include, Personality, interest, and skill inventories time management and financial planning tips eight ways to improve your current job career decision making checklists sample answers to the most difficult interview questions, and more.

Vgm's Careers Checklists: 89 Proven Checklists to Help You Plan Your Career and Get Great Jobs
ISBN: 0844285579

Vgm Career Horizons. 1990

Gathers checklists that deal with career paths, resumes, cover letters, job-search strategies, interviews, career changes, and self-evaluation

Love Your Work and Success Will Follow: A Practical Guide to Achieving Total Career Satisfaction (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides)
ISBN: 0471119563

Wiley. 1995

You probably spend one-third of your adult life at your job.

Is it what you really want to be doing with your life?

If you answered "no," you're not alone—millions of people feel the same way. But instead of remaining dissatisfied, why not seize the opportunity to turn your life around? This unique and dynamic book will help you do just that. Love Your Work and Success Will Follow is a systematic guide that helps you thoroughly assess how well your work life meets your needs and goals. It addresses such crucial issues as the relationship between success and satisfaction and how to integrate work needs with lifestyle concerns. It helps you decide whether to leave your job or stay, how to choose the right job, and how to survive in a job you want to keep.

Written by career counselor and psychotherapist Arlene Hirsch, Love Your Work and Success Will Follow provides a powerful mix of practical tips, probing self-quizzes, and pure inspiration:

  • Tells you how to overcome the most common obstacles to career fulfillment, including dealing with a difficult boss, burnout, changing careers, balancing career and family, and more
  • Describes positive ways to create a career that lives up to your dreams
  • Offers practical tips on how to make a bad job situation bearable
  • Outlines the nine types of career failures, and shows you how to turn them to your advantage
  • Explores the option of self-employment—is it right for you?
  • Provides 25 case studies of people who found job satisfaction

Love Your Work and Success Will Follow is an essential book for anyone interested in job satisfaction—regardless of your age, profession, or level of experience.


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Job Search and Career Checklists: 101 Proven Time-Saving Checklists to Organize
ISBN: 1417733004

San Val. 2005

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