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General Information

Name:  Jacob Grant  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Illustrator

Audience: Children;


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Illinois Connection

Grant currently resides in Oak Park.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jacob Grant is an author and illustrator. He writes and illustrates his own children's books and illustrates books written by other authors.


Cat Knit

ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2018

Bear's Scare

ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2020

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Selected Titles At Your Library

Bear meets bear /
ISBN: 1547604247. OCLC Number: 1149280065

. .

When Bear's new teapot is delivered by a charming lady Panda, he is unable to speak so he orders another teapot, and another, until Spider steps in to help.

Bear out there /
ISBN: 1681197456. OCLC Number: 1042395690

. .

When Spider's kite gets stuck in a tree, he looks to his friend Bear for help, even though Bear hesitates to leave his comfort zone.

Bear's scare
ISBN: 9781681197210. OCLC Number: 1001842337

. .

Bear cares about keeping his house clean and tidy almost as much as he cares about his stuffed friend, Ursa, so he is determined to find the spider building messy webs there.

Cat knit /
ISBN: 1250051509. OCLC Number: 928491995

. .

"Cat and Yarn are the best of friends. They have so much fun playing together, the two are inseparable. Until the day Girl takes Yarn away. When Yarn Returns, he is completely changed, no longer Cat's bright and rolly friend. Cat is mad! Soon, Cat begins to miss his best friend, and he just might realize that a little change isn't so bad after all."

Little Bird's bad word /
ISBN: 1250051495. OCLC Number: 905419369

. .

Little Bird loves learning new words and sharing them with his friends, so when he realizes that his latest one is a bad word, he knows just what to say to set things right.

No pants! /
ISBN: 0593117662. OCLC Number: 1248928761

. .

When his busy father prompts him to get ready for an exciting family cookout, an exuberant young Pablo decides that he would rather not wear his pants and would have more fun finding other ways to use them.

Owls are good at keeping secrets :
ISBN: 1524713317. OCLC Number: 1019844698

. .

"A book of little-known animal 'facts' -- one for each letter of the alphabet"--

Scaredy Kate
ISBN: 9781480660496. OCLC Number: 857803473

. .

Kate has a problem. She's terrified of her aunt's big bulldog. Kate's aunt calls the dog Cookie. Kate calls it a monster! One day, after fleeing the apartment to escape Cookie, Kate takes the strangest elevator ride ever--complete with a mysterious package and floor after floor of real-life monsters! It takes all of her courage, but Kate soon finds that the monsters aren't so scary after all. Kate makes some new friends, and she discovers the perfect way to tame her own personal beast.

This book can read your mind /
ISBN: 0711241449. OCLC Number: 1127087787

. .

You have opened a very special book. This book can do something that has NEVER been achieved before. This book can read your mind. I will just need you to think of something, but whatever you do, don't think of anything SILLY. You know, like a pink elephant...When the page is turned, sure enough, a pink elephant appears! This funny interactive book plays on the idea that when you're told NOT to think of something, somehow it is all you can think about. As the book continues, and more and more silliness ensues, the scientist is distraught but there is plenty of fun in store for the reader!

Through with the zoo /
ISBN: 1250108144. OCLC Number: 964334672

. .

"Goat lives in a petting zoo--but doesn't like to be touched!"--