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General Information

Name:  Janis Herbert  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1956 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Herbert was born in Chicago and grew up on the south side of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to beging the author of six books Janis has worked in bookstores, libraries, offices, restaurants, in grade schools, and on college campuses.

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Abraham Lincoln for kids :
ISBN: 9781556526565. OCLC Number: 85830726

Chicago Review Press,. .

An activity book for young readers tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's life and details the events of his era, providing a fresh perspective on one of the most beloved American presidents.

Leonardo da Vinci for kids :
ISBN: 1556522983. OCLC Number: 39223649

Chicago Review Press,. .

Presents a biography of this prolific artist and inventor through projects in cartography, animal art, bird observation, and mask making.

Lewis and Clark for Kids :
ISBN: 1556523742. OCLC Number: 536262788

Chicago Review Press,. .

For ages 9+. Join Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's Corps of Discovery as they navigate the muddy Missouri River and begin a great adventure set against the background of the vast North American continent.

Marco Polo for kids :
ISBN: 1556523777. OCLC Number: 45804604

Chicago Review Press,. .

Traces the famous explorer's travels along the "Silk Road" to the palace of the Kublai Khan and features projects such as making a mandala, a Tibetan circular sand painting, a Chinese game, Chinese food and drinks, and staging a Chinese opera.

The American Revolution for kids :
ISBN: 1556524560. OCLC Number: 50002547

Chicago Review Press,. .

Discusses the events of the American Revolution, from the hated Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party to the British surrender at Yorktown and the writing of the Constitution. Activities include making a tricorn hat and discovering local history.

The Civil War for kids :
ISBN: 1556523556. OCLC Number: 41076178

Chicago Review Press,. .

Teaches about the Civil War from the secession debates to Appomattox, by means of activities like making butternut dye, decoding wigwag, and baking hardtack. Includes a resource section with a glossary and pertinent web sites.