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General Information

Name:  Phyllis Root  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: 1949 in Forth Wayne, Indiana

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Lived in Chicago

Biographical and Professional Information

Published Works

    Looking for a Moose , Candlewick, 2008One Duck Stuck , Candlewick, 2003Rattletrap Car , Candlewick, 2004Lucia and the Light , Candlewick, 2006Creak! Said the Bed , Candlewick, 2010Big Belching Bog , Univ Of Minnesota Press , 2010Kiss the Cow!, Candlewick, 2003Flip, Flap, Fly!: A Book for Babies Everywhere, Candlewick, 2009Lilly and the Pirates , Boyds Mills Pr, 2010Thirsty Thursday , Candlewick, 2009

Selected Titles At Your Library

Looking for a moose /
ISBN: 0763638854. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge, Mass. :. 2008, ©2006.

Four children set off into the woods to find a moose.

One duck stuck /
ISBN: 0763615668. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge, Mass. :. 1998.

In this counting book, increasingly larger groups of animals try to help a duck that is stuck in the sleepy, slimy marsh. One duck is stuck in the muck. Can two fish, tails going swish, help? What about three moose, munching on spruce? Will four crickets, chirping in the thickets, be able to pull the unlucky duck out of the muck? With bright, spirited illustrations by Jane Chapman, this counting tale by Phyllis Root is a feast of sounds and numbers that will have young listeners scrambling to join the slippy, sloppy fun.

Rattletrap car /
ISBN: 0763620076. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge MA :. 2001.

Various disasters threaten to stop Poppa and the children from getting to the lake in their rattletrap car, but they manage to come up with an ingenious solution to each problem.

Lucia and the light /
ISBN: 0763622966. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge, Mass. :. 2006.

One winter in the Far North the sun disappears and Lucia, accompanied by her milk-white cat, braves the freezing cold and trolls who want to eat her, trying to find the sun and bring it back.

Creak! said the bed /
ISBN: 0763620041. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Somerville, Mass. :. 2010.

In the middle of a dark, stormy night, one child, then another, then a third wake their mother and ask to climb into the bed, but when the last member of the family arrives Papa declares there is no more room.

Big belching bog /
ISBN: 0816633592. OCLC Number:

University of Minnesota Press,. Minneapolis :. ©2010.

Introduces the inhabitants of Minnesota's peat bogs, explains methane gas production, and imagines what a bog's burp must sound like.

Kiss the cow /
ISBN: 0763620033. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Cambridge, MA :. 2003, ©2000.

Annalisa, the most curious and stubborn of Mama May's children, disobeys her mother and upsets the family cow by refusing to kiss her in return for the milk she gives.

Flip, flap, fly! /
ISBN: 0763631094. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Somerville, Mass. :. 2009.

A baby bird, fish, snake, otter, duck, mouse, and child merrily meet at a pond after being helped by their mamas all morning.

Lilly and the pirates /
ISBN: 1590785835. OCLC Number:

Front Street,. Honesdale, Pa. :. 2010.

Ten-year-old Lilly, a worrier who greatly fears the sea, leaves the home of her librarian great-uncle and sets out with an old woman pirate to rescue her parents, who were shipwrecked while seeking the elusive frangipani fruit fly on an uncharted island.

Thirsty Thursday /
ISBN: 0763636282. OCLC Number:

Candlewick Press,. Somerville, MA :. 2009.

One Thirsty Thursday on Bonnie Bumble's farm, everyone is dry and thirsty, especially the flowers. The black-eyed Susans are spoiling for a fight, and the clouds refuse to even drop by. But when a little cloud blows past at last, Bonnie comes up with a clever plan that calls for interspecies cooperation.

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