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Name:  Alan Axelrod  

Pen Name: None


Born: in Chicago, Illinois

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Axelrod was born in Chicago.

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Office Superman
ISBN: 0762419717

Running Press. 2004

The ultimate guide to becoming an invaluable asset at work, this clever and thoroughly enjoyable business book offers 21 powerful career strategies for getting ahead and staying ahead--presented through the lens of the Superman mythology. Created in collaboration with DC Comics, it equates the image of Superman--an archetypal superhero who symbolizes bravery, heroism, and superiority at its purest--with excellence in the workplace, and features memorable artwork that spans the entire 70-year history of Superman comics. Subjects include working effectively with superiors and coworkers, solving problems, standing out and fitting in, achieving daily excellence, practicing sound ethics, communicating effectively, creating customer satisfaction, and much more.

Patton on Leadership
ISBN: 0735202974

Prentice Hall Press. 2001

Drawing on General George Patton’s decisive moves and distinctive style, Alan Axelrod's Patton on Leadership gives executives and managers straightforward, practical lessons in dynamic, results-oriented management. This guide covers how to develop a leadership attitude, communicate effectively, inspire others, and more, with period photographs of the Patton throughout his career.

“What can a civilian corporate leader learn from the combat tactics of General George S. Patton Jr.? Find out by reading Alan Axelrod’s Patton on Leadership. He takes leadership wisdom of one of America’s greatest and most colorful combat generals and applies it to contemporary civilian corporate organizations. Organized around Patton’s quotations and writings, each being related to specific corporate situations, Axelrod presents an in-depth understanding into the general’s leadership style and demonstrates that Patton’s ‘genius was being able to capitalize on his own intuitive notion of leadership.’ This book provides a perspective insight of a leadership methodology that may be a valuable asset to many corporate executives.”—Rutherford B. Johnson, commander, Georgia Chapter, George S. Patton Jr. Historical Society

“I have no doubt that the leadership skills and personal attitude practiced by General Patton can be used effectively in both corporate and government managerial positions. Current and future leaders would do well to master those skills and to practice the vital requisities of honesty and integrity for which General Patton was noted and without which, leadership is highly suspect.”—William A. Burke, Major General (Ret.)

Complete Idiot's Guide to World War I
ISBN: 0028639022

ALPHA. 2000

You’re no idiot, of course. You know that World War I was “the Great War,” and you’re familiar with its images: muddy trenches, poison gas, and a no-man’s-land of craters and barbed wire.

But when it comes to understanding its causes, why it dragged on for four years, and how it set the stage for World War II, you’re lost behind enemy lines. Don’t wave the white flag just yet! The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to World War I gives you a comprehensive over-view of the first global war, from the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the Treaty of Versailles. In this Complete Idiot’s Guide®, you get:

  • Broad coverage of the secret treaties and en-tangling alliances that led to war.
  • Comprehensive analysis of some of history’s bloodiest battles, including the Somme, Tannenburg, Gallipoli, and Belleau Wood.
  • Expert commentary on the development of weapons such as the tank, the dreadnought battleship, poison gas, and the German U-boat.
  • Valuable insights into the war’s influence on this century’s political and cultural development.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Criminal Investigation
ISBN: 0028643461

Alpha. 2002

Offers a perfect summary of the necessary steps involved in basic investigation. Perfect for anyone looking to form a working knowledge of Criminal Investigation. Softcover.

Patton: A Biography (Great Generals)
ISBN: 0230613926

St. Martin's Griffin. 2009

George S. Patton embodied contradiction: a cavalryman steeped in romantic military tradition, he nevertheless pulled a reluctant American military into the most advanced realms of highly mobile armored warfare. An autocratic snob, Patton created unparalleled rapport and loyalty with the lowliest private in his command an outspoken racist, he led the only racially integrated U.S. military unit in World War II an exuberantly profane man, he prayed daily and believed God had destined him for military greatness a profoundly insecure individual, he made his Third Army the most self-confident and consistently victorious fighting force in the European theater. From Patton's boyhood battling dyslexia and becoming an avid reader, to his leadership strategies that modernized the U.S. army, Alan Axelrod delivers a fascinating account of Patton's life and legacy.

Profiles in Leadership
ISBN: 0735202567

Prentice Hall Press. 2002

Offers two hundred biographical entries about great leaders from history, classifying them as conquerors, innovators, problem solvers, profit makers, strategists, visionaries, systems creators, and leveragers.

Miracle at Belleau Wood: The Birth of the Modern U.S. Marine Corps
ISBN: 076276130X

Lyons Press. 2010

Now in paperback!

Military Book Club® Main Selection

History Book Club® Featured Alternate


The battle that transformed a group of common
soldiers into the modern-day Marine Corps

Miracle at Belleau Wood begins in June 1918 at Les Mare Farm in France with just 200 U.S. marines, who spilled their blood to prevail against impossible odds, resisting an overwhelming German force of thousands and turned the battle back against the enemy, saved Paris, saved France, and saved the Allied hope of victory. Called “the Gettysburg of the Great War” by many at the time, it rescued America and its allies from almost certain defeat. This book tells the riveting story of the modern marines as America’s fiercest and most effective warriors, the world’s preeminent fighting elite. Miracle at Belleau Wood is the story of an epoch-making battle--a battle that elevated the Corps to legendary status and forever burned them into the American imagination.

Praise for Miracle at Belleau Wood

“Axelrod brings us back vividly to the shocking casualties of ‘the war to end all wars.’”
—Bing West, author of No True Glory, former Assistant Secretary of Defense

“Alan Axelrod has perfectly captured the embodiment of U.S. Marines and their unparalleled Esprit de Corps. . . . A must read!”
—Jay Kopelman, author of the best-selling From Baghdad with Love

“Axelrod is one of America’s great military historians. He’s done it this time with riveting non-stop action that reads like the best of Hemingway’s frontline reports plus the Marine Corps novels of W.E.B. Griffin. Axelrod pushes you right into the action, onto the battlefield, and never lets up.”
—Paul B. Farrell, JD, PhD, syndicated columnist for Dow Jones’s MarketWatch, former Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps

Praise for Patton: A Biography
“Like Patton at his best: polished, precise, and persuasive.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Bradley: A Biography (Great Generals)
ISBN: 0230614442

St. Martin's Griffin. 2009

Dubbed by the World War II press as "The G.I. General" because of his close identification with his men, Omar Bradley rose to command the largest exclusively American field command in U.S. history during the European Campaign. Alan Axelrod applies his signature insight and compelling prose to the life, strategy and legacy of the general who remains the model for all commanders today as the man who revolutionized the National Guard, shaped the U.S. army's focus on the individual soldier, and emphasized cooperation and coordination among the military services.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to 20th-Century History
ISBN: 0028633857

Alpha Books. 1999

You're no idiot, of course. You know that over the last 100 years, we've seen it all--world war, depression, assassinations, moon landings, an impeachment, and more. But when it comes to really understanding the significance of these events, you feel like you're scaling Mount Rushmore itself. Don't jump off Roosevelt's nose! With The Complete Idiot,s Guide to 20th-Century History, you'll discover the most significant people, ideas, and events that shaped this century--in terms anyone can understand. In this Complete Idiot's Guide, you get:

The Real History of World War II: A New Look at the Past (Real History Series)
ISBN: 1402740905

Sterling. 2008

In a refreshingly fearless, colloquial voice, acclaimed historian Alan Axelrod recounts the key events of World War II with unflagging humanity, drama, and straightforward explanations of their significance, weaving a story as engrossing and multifaceted as a great novel. As with the series’ first entry, The Real History of World War II remains authoritative, non-academic, and appealingly designed with illustrations, maps, and more. It’s a unique approach that makes this enormous saga understandable to every reader, and favors gripping storytelling over a strictly dry and plodding chronological account. Axelrod brings you right into every theater of the war, one by one, capturing all its most compelling events before moving on to the next. If, today, we see World War II as a titanic clash of good and evil, Axelrod effortlessly looks beyond this schism, putting facts above political interpretation in order to uncover the conflict’s roots and ramifications. He concisely explores the war’s ideological, nationalistic, and economic causes probes the motivation of those involved, including Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill, FDR, and Truman and looks at its enduring political, global, social, and technological legacy. You’ll be able to understand the tragic legacy of Versailles, the full repercussions of the blitzkrieg, exactly what happened in the Holocaust, and why, in Japan, the war was less associated with one individual than with an ongoing militaristic and imperialist movement. In addition, this enlightening volume provides a concise narrative of the entire course of the struggle, which unfolded simultaneously in many places, thoroughly engulfing the world. The fresh insights and forthright analyses, the sidebars on such subjects as trivia and alternative histories, the eyewitness testimony and quotes, and the revealing, edgy attitude make this a pleasure to read like having an enjoyable conversation with a favorite teacher. History truly comes alive.

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