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General Information

Name:  Sam Reaves  

Pen Name: None


Born: Crawfordsville, Indiana

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Illinois Connection

Sam Reaves is the pen name for Samuel Salter.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sam Reaves has lived in Chicago or its environs for most of his life. He has also lived and traveled widely in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. He has worked as a teacher and a translator. His Sam Reaves books are set in Chicago.

Published Works

  • Long Cold Fall, Putnam, 1991
  • Fear Will Do It, Putnam, 1992
  • Bury It Deep, Putnam, 1993
  • Get What's Coming, Putnam, 1995
  • Dooley's Back, Carroll and Graff, 2002
  • Homicide 69, Carroll and Graff, 2006

Selected Titles At Your Library

A long cold fall /
ISBN: 0399135650. OCLC Number:

Putnam,. New York :. ©1991.

Fear will do it /
ISBN: 0399137246. OCLC Number:

G.P. Putnam's Sons,. New York :. ©1992.

Bury it deep /
ISBN: 0380722666. OCLC Number:

Avon Books,. New York :. 1994, ©1993.

Accompanying a friend to a midnight rendezvous with a nervous informant, Chicago cabbie and sometime investigator Cooper MacLeish finds the contact's dead body instead, and uncovers a scandalous conspiracy involving dirty politics and the mob.

Get what's coming /
ISBN: 0399140182. OCLC Number:

G.P. Putnam's Sons,. New York :. ©1995.

Chicago philosopher Cooper MacLeish, who gave up taxi driving to chauffeur a millionaire's limo, goes after the killers of his new boss's son. The son, a rocker, was framed in the theft of $1 million in drug money, then killed so he could not talk to police.

Dooley's back /
ISBN: 0786710942. OCLC Number:

Carroll & Graf Publishers ;. New York :. 2002.

Returning to Chicago eight years after an act of vigilante justice ended his career, former cop Dooley helps his old partner, Roy, to overcome gambling-related problems including threats from a dangerous loan shark.

Homicide 69 /
ISBN: 0786718129. OCLC Number:

Carroll & Graf Publishers,. New York :. 2007.

Mike Dooley is smart, tough and a pain in the neck. He's an obstacle to the go-along, get along approach to law enforcement embraced by so many of his fellow officers. The ugly murder of Sally Kotowski-beaten, raped, tortured-is a case in point. After seeing what's been done to the former Playboy bunny, Dooley vows to bring the perps to justice. Soon enough, his hard work pays off in a confession. but Dooley thinks it feels rigged, overly convenient, part of a complex cover-up. So he digs in his heels. The brass, struck by this typically cantankerous display, wonder why Dooley would look a gift horse in the mouth with cases as hard to clear as they are. They point out that there could be some powerful people involved with the killing, people who've been protected for a long time, people who could become exceedingly vindictive unless Dooley agrees to go along and get along just this once.



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