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Name:  Eva Braswell  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction


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Ms. Braswell lives in Normal, Illinois.

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Little Willie
ISBN: 159129827X

PublishAmerica. 2002

The life of a young boy leads you on the winding paths of yesteryear. (Today’s romanticizing about the good old days omits many facts: such as deprivation, loneliness, and long hours of hard labor for mere survival.) However, Willie, with his family and friends, finds happiness and comfort in sharing the bad as well as the good. Their dialog gives a close-up view of how to build a wagon for the boys to ride on, make chairs from newly cut trees, dig a water-well with only a pick and shovel, farm with mule drawn implements, and many other activities. They also discuss thoughts and feats that give them pleasure: including socializing, foods, and pets. The joys and hard work they experience illustrate their self-reliance, mutual dependence, and trust in a Higher Power for courage and strength to conquer their fears and frustrations. Have the basic needs of humanity changed?

Willie (of Yesteryear) Goes to College
ISBN: 1413746454

PublishAmerica. 2004

Little Willie of Yesteryear attends the University of Kentucky. Confined to using crutches or a wheelchair, he suffers the hardships, prejudices, and, sometimes, abuse that is imposed on the disabled. Depression and loneliness bring back memories of childhood. As the Roaring Twenties reach their summit and the country plunges headlong into the Great Depression, Willie searches for meaning and purpose in his life. He finds a mission: writing to help others who are handicapped. When he meets Lucy (also in a wheelchair), an old-fashioned love story unfolds, showing customs of the era. Historical facts of Kentucky and the nation, interwoven with daily living, give background and realism. As the nation hovers on the brink of WWII, the story follows the young couple through the early years of marriage with emphasis on the faith that gives courage and comfort in the face of life's difficulties.

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