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Name:  Ed Sylvia  

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Philosopher/Theologian Edward F. Sylvia attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. After a long career as a copywriter for some of the world's largest advertising agencies in New York, St. Louis and Chicago, he now "advertises for God," sharing insights daily in his blog as TheGodGuy.

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Sermon From The Compost Pile: Seven Steps Toward Creating An Inner Garden
ISBN: 0970252706

Staircase Press. 2001

"Gardening lets you accomplish much more than simply restoring ecological balance to your small patch of ground. Physical gardening also offers us healthy physical exercise, healthy physical food and even healthy psychological food. The peace and order of a garden brings peace and order to the human heart and mind." - Edward F. Sylvia, M.T.S.In this era of "going green," author Edward F. Sylvia shows how we can make positive changes in the world and in our personal lives. The process of creating an eco-friendly garden offers unexpected insights into cultivating our consciousness to become a beautiful "inner" garden whose fruitfulness is rooted in the fertile ground of holistic spiritual principles and love.This is a book for everyone who's ever felt a spiritual connection to the garden and the world of nature.

Proving God: Swedenborg's Remarkable Quest for the Quantum Fingerprints of Love
ISBN: 0970252714

Staircase Press. 2010

A daring work that unifies science and theology by challenging many of the world's current beliefs about both. Proving God is guaranteed to create controversy and energetic conversation. Forget what both scientists and the clergy have told you about the ultimate reality. This extraordinary book shows you how scientists have misinterpreted the laws of the physical universe and how theologians have misinterpreted the revealed wisdom of God's Holy Word. Unknown to most scholars, Holy Scripture is a multi-dimensional document containing the patterning principles for all the laws of the universe. Proving God provides clear and rational evidence that the evolution of intelligence and consciousness on earth and the spiritual redemption of humankind is the extension of nature's laws and orderly process into the non-physical realm of heaven. Each chapter ends with an easy-to-grasp summary plus a bold prediction about where the paradigm shift in human worldviews is headed. Prepare yourself for the new laws of physics and the new theology that will fulfill God's promise to make "all things new!"

2011 Eric Hoffer Award Winner – recognizing salient writing and independent spirit

2011 Montaigne Medal Winner – honored as one of the most thought-provoking books of the year

2011 Silver Nautilus Award Winner – awarded to books that stimulate the imagination and offer new possibilities for a better life and a better world



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