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General Information

Name:  Regina Pounds  

Pen Name: RD Pounds


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1944 in West Berlin

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Illinois Connection

Regina Pounds lives in Belleville.

Biographical and Professional Information

Writing for the fun of it--be it poetry, fact or fiction--Ms Pounds has always put pen to paper, starting quite literally with the old-fashioned ink-pot and quill. These days she makes the computer hum with her writing. Since she grew up in West-Berlin, a touch of mystery and an international flair come naturally to her. She lets her characters take over and readers often amaze her: each one brings a different perspective to her stories. Accompanying her husband on his tours of duty as Air Force member, she has lived in several European countries. She became a U.S. citizen in 1987 and resides with her family in Illinois since 1980. Her credentials include several published and unpublished novels, finalist awards in national writing contests, print and internet published articles (mostly interviews with authors and artists). Her photography and original art work has been shown in a local academy. Thanks to the internet, her work is widely read. Her poems can be found on webpages originating as far as in Indonesia, usually accompanying the owners' photographs. She founded and led an online authors' community in the early 2000s. Currently, she works on preparing her poems for publication in late 2008. She was included in Marquis' Who's Who in America (60th edition) and in Who's Who Women in America (25th edition). On a personal level, she is passionate about the plight of humans and animals. Defenders of Wildlife is one of her favorite associations.

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Titles At Your Library

Lord Eaglebeak
ISBN: 0595005616

iUniverse. 2000

Love can turn a coward into a hero and a wise man into a moron? Richard Darby groans at such prospects. He’d rather stay in control. Soldiering against Napoleon’s armies, he has cherished a vision of love, but can such a dream become reality?

The Earl of Stanton has a dilemma: he must appease his second wife by marrying off his unruly daughter, Hetty. Oh, how? To Stanton, Richard is a godsend. He already entrusted the young man with a rather sordid secret. Now he entrusts Richard with his daughter’s fate as well…

Hetty has vowed never to marry, but her Papa leaves her no choice. She accepts the prearranged betrothal…after all, at the end of a year she may cry off. Meanwhile, she’ll do her best to discourage her new fiancé, the man she dubs Lord Eaglebeak.

Soon tension brews: Richard’s aunt lays a wager against Hetty, his elusive young ward refuses to become a pawn, mysteries from the past lurk, and Hetty’s most powerful spurned suitor has an agenda of his own… It takes a mighty thunderstorm to clear the air before Lord Eaglebeak learns his lesson, and his lady learns hers.

Theo's Ghost: Baron Von Sydow's Last Will
ISBN: 0595090176

iUniverse. 2000

Baron von Sydow, a Prussian Junker, entrusts his ward, Countess Theo, with the execution of his last will. “All’s well that ends well” is his motto.

The terms of that will puzzle Theo. For six months, she must reside with a man, of whom she has never even heard, at the Baron’s manor. If she finds the stranger worthy, he will inherit the entire estate¡­

Intrigued by such an opportunity, Jeremy Dalton, an English merchant’s son, accepts the invitation to stay in Prussia. The lovely Countess soon interests him more than the potential inheritance however, the situation becomes complicated: Theo’s princely suitor arrives…there’s a rebellion in the schoolhouse…a poacher poses danger…and a ghost seems to cause mischief at the manor. Worst of all, the delectable Countess is stationed far above him.

Theo’s task is difficult. How can she fairly judge the Englishman when he engages her heart so easily? Her gurdian expected her to right a wrong. Why?

Dalton and the Prince engage in rivalry, while Theo delves into the past. She confronts Dalton with all she learns, but for the final answers, he must look into his own heart.

All’s well that ends well, thanks to none other than Theo’s ghost…

Leonora: Tulips in Winter
ISBN: 0595255787

iUniverse. 2002

In 1788, Count Stropov and his friend, Prince Boro, trail an elusive thief all over Europe. A chance encounter with an English damsel in distress leads them onto a detour: they wager on who will be the first to seduce the beauty.

The Any Agency: Wild Violets
ISBN: 0741446634

Infinity Publishing. 2013

Anna Bradford, as owner of an international business, enjoys the fruit of her labors. Quite happy, she returns to a small town in Illinois where she eases her uncle into retirement: she buys his private investigations firm and sends uncle and aunt off to a cruise in Alaska. Anna expects some trouble pet-sitting a cat and a dog, but--as usual--real trouble arrives in the form of humans, well heeled and on wheels. When murder hits close to home, she must rely on her own sleuthing skills and on the help of good friends.


Contest Finalist Award for Seraphina

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