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Name:  Joe Neil Steward  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Anna, Illinois

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Biographical and Professional Information

Joe Neil Steward, who grew up on a farm outside of Anna, was an award-winning actor for 20 years, and now lives in Louisville, TN. He is the author of 6 novels which are available on CD and include Life Tain't Nawthin but Wind (about growing up in Southern Illinois in the 50's.)

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ISBN: 0738821403

Xlibris Corp. 2000

1959 has turned on Bo Rogers it’s more fun than the law allows. Some people would give up, Bo, keeps trying to do what’s right—well almost always--sometimes he’s led astray, but the mess gets messier. His view of life is uniquely his own.

I'Da Danced at His Hanging
ISBN: 0738807788

Xlibris Corp. 2000

I'da Danced at his Hanging, an 115,000 word novel, is timely because of the public being made aware of men who claim religious associations for the purpose of gaining political advantage. The novel is set in Kalispell, Montana in the 1890's. It tracks the life of a young Texas man, Ron Hammer Neil, and brings him into conflict with a powerful political figure who attracts women and in spite of his religious pretensions, uses his position to enjoy their favors repeatedly. He also uses his church affiliations as a mask for his other more deadly activities.

ISBN: 1401020534

Xlibris Corp. 2001

A Band of Strolling Players
ISBN: 1401019285

Xlibris Corp. 2001



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