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Name:  Fran Shaff  

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Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: N/A

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Montana Match
ISBN: 0803494939

Montlake Romance. 2001

Jake Ruskin, a wealthy rancher, hires Chicago matchmaker Becky Montoya to find him a wife who will give him an heir to his fortune. Becky is so thrilled with the windfall fee Jake has promised that she flies to Montana to handle his account personally.

When she meets the vigorous client, she's sure finding him a mate will be the easiest thing she's ever done.

However, Jake's elderly male housekeeper, Sam Bunker, has another match in mind. He notices the attraction between Jake and Becky right away, even if they can't see it for themselves. The nosy old gentleman can't resist doing a little matchmaking of his own.

But Becky is very good at her job, and she's sworn herself off limits to marriage. The only problem is she is definitely attracted to Jake and doesn't know whether she can resist her handsome client...or if he can resist her.

The Love Trap (Avalon Romance)
ISBN: 0803495943

Montlake Romance. 2003

The noise coming from her neighbor's garage is making it impossible for Carly Ross to work. When her attempts to convince Devin Serrano to stop using his noisy power tools are unsuccessful, Carly gets an idea. If she sets Dev up with a girlfriend, he'll be too busy to work at his hobby.

Dev has moved to Pine Grove, WI to recover from an accident. He discovers new interests to keep him busy, but nothing interests him as much as his beautiful, spirited neighbor Carly.

Circumstances place Dev and Carly in one close encounter after another, but by the time Carly realizes she has deep feelings for Dev, it appears that her love trap has worked. Dev seems to be involved with someone else. Will they be able to snare the right partner before it's too late?

Ever So Humble (Avalon Romance)
ISBN: 0803496850

Montlake Romance. 2004

Marisa Orlando loves the sense of community she feels in her apartment building in Houston, where her neighbors all pitch in when another is in need. Therefore she's dismayed to find out that the building has been bought by a developer and that the inhabitants may lose their homes. Lee Ramon has done well with renovation projects in the past, but coming off a loss, he desperately needs this project to work to avoid going bankrupt. Sparks fly when Marisa and Lee get trapped in an elevator together, but that's before the two of them realize that they are fighting on opposite sides of this battle. Can they work together to find a solution, or will they both lose everything - including a chance at love?

A Partner's Promise
ISBN: 1597058467

Wings ePress. 2006

Little Greek Gods
ISBN: 1597058378

Wings ePress. 2007

Laura's Lost Love
ISBN: 1594263582

Mundania Press LLC. 2007

Laura Windsor wants to be a mother, but Gavin Maitland won't allow it. When the Orphan Train arrives in Heart Junction, South Dakota in 1912, Laura happily greets the little girl she intends to take into her home. Her plans are shattered when Gavin explains that the Orphan Train children may be placed with married couples only. Gavin hates disappointing the lovely Laura, but he has no choice. He is bound to follow the rules of the town council. When he is unable to place Angelina with a willing couple because she is a sickly child, he arranges for Laura to take her in temporarily. Circumstances surrounding Angelina's care and placement keep Laura and Gavin close enough for each of them to realize that there is much more between them than their concern for a child. But can two people at odds ever join together? Not without breaking conventions, promises and even a few laws.

Stephanie's Surprise
ISBN: 1594264503

Mundania Press LLC. 2007

Heart Junction, South Dakota, 1913. Stephanie Porter is heartbroken when the man she wanted marries another woman. With her life empty and lonely, she focuses on advancing her teaching position in Heart Junction. Dr. Aaron Wesley intends to use his temporary job as town doctor in Heart Junction to fill his coffers and gain further experience in practicing medicine before he moves on to a permanent job in Omaha. He doesn't expect life in a young, small town to become engaging, but when one or two of Heart Junction's citizens slowly and successfully worm their ways into his heart, he begins to question his career goals as well as his plans for his personal life. Stephanie, quite by accident, finds herself assisting Doctor Wesley with his patients from time to time. As she helps Aaron with his work, she remembers the love she had for practicing in the medical field before her sister died while under her care. Suddenly, a profession she had given up years before tempts her to make a big change in her life--and so does the handsome young doctor she's been seeing on more than just a professional basis.

Mari's Miracle: Book Three of The Heart Junction Series
ISBN: 1438254598

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2008

Heart Junction, South Dakota, 1914 Marigold Mahoney is livid when her father forces her to leave his palatial home in Minneapolis to teach school in dusty little Heart Junction. Being the driver for a spoiled little spitfire like Mari isn’t Grit Truman’s idea of a delightful job, yet he can’t turn down the opportunity to earn a little extra pay. Temperaments constantly clash from the moment Grit and Mari meet, and, the more they are together, the more often they collide--until they ultimately run into each other’s arms. Once romantic feelings begin to build the conflict between them grows, and, for the first time in her life, Mari discovers she can’t always have everything she wants--or can she? Mari devises a plan to permanently win Grit’s heart, but it will take a miracle to unite an arrogant rich girl with a proud farmer. Excerpt Setup: Mari and Grit meet in the train depot. "I presume you understood my father when he instructed you to meet me at precisely eleven-fifteen this morning?” “Yes, miss, I did. Unfortunately, my horse didn’t wish to accommodate my schedule or yours. She decided she’d drop her foal at ten, and I couldn’t abandon her.” “You’re a farmer? A man of property?” Grit rubbed his finger over his upper lip. “I am a farmer, yes, but I am not yet a man of property. I rent my buildings, and I sharecrop the land.” “You’re a sharecropper?” Her tone was far too condescending, and she immediately regretted using it. “Yes, miss. Is there anything wrong with that?” “I don’t suppose so. It’s just, as a woman of means, I’m not used to dealing with…” She stopped herself before she made matters worse by insulting him further. “You have means, Miss Mahoney, or your father has means?” “It’s all the same, Mr. Truman.” He shrugged casually and gave her an unexpected smile. “Whatever you say, miss. If you say you have money, I believe you. I shall not hold your state of wealth against you. I enjoy the company of rich people as much as I enjoy the company of the poor.” “Whether or not you enjoy my company is up to you. Your job is to take me wherever I want to go, even if you strongly dislike being with me.” “Miss Mahoney,” he said, giving her a look she could not define, “I assure you, I could never dislike being in the company of a woman as beautiful as you.” His surprising show of charm left her speechless. Worse yet, his totally improper compliment sent her heart into palpitations. “Miss Mahoney?” “Yes?” she replied without looking at him. “If you’re ready to go, I’ll take your bags to the carriage. I’ll carry three of them at once and come back for you and the rest of your luggage, if that suits you.” “Your proposal suits me fine, Mr. Truman.” He stood next to her as he picked up two bags and her trunk. Once he was walking away from her, she watched the way he moved. Her heart began to beat wildly. How strong he was! Her heavy trunk full of shoes, clothes and personal items was a feather to him. And what a confident, assured gait he had in his stride. She judged him to be over six feet tall. His dungarees clung to his legs showing their powerful muscles. His blue cotton shirt stretched tight over his broad shoulders. Grit Truman was a very attractive man. Servant, mechanic, sharecropper, whatever he wanted to call himself, he was every inch male. If she were a silly woman like Betsy Lindstrom or Luella Senilla whom she knew from her finishing school, she’d be tempted to toy with Mr. Truman’s affections. But Mari did not believe in tempting the servants...did she?

The Trading Game
ISBN: 1438201125

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2008

1898 New York and Wisconsin Meet Lacey and Salina, young lady look-alikes, one orphaned and homeless, one wealthy and bored, who switch identities and have amazing adventures. Deception, street fights, bank robbers, stowaways...these little ladies aren't afraid of anything. Coffee Time Reviews calls THE TRADING GAME, "Extraordinary!"

Change of Heart
ISBN: 1434897745

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2008

1850s Nebraska: Marietta Randolf travels from Chicago to Nebraska to collect her orphaned nephew Zack. When a snow storm delays her return trip, she finds herself stranded in an unappealing land with a very appealing rancher, Jase Kent. 5 Stars from Simegen, 5 Hearts from the Romance Studio, 5 Stars from CataRomance, 5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance

For Love of Maggie
ISBN: 1440490023

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2010

Triple Award Winner!___Write Touch Readers' Award, More than Magic Award, CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Award____ Kayla Franklin is instantly attracted to Roth Simons. He feels the same way about her, but when he makes a major blunder he must do everything he can to win back her heart. A story of forgiveness and love, this award-winning, book is set in beautiful Wisconsin. A classic love story, written for adults, suitable for teens.


For the Love Of Maggie- Write Touch Readers' Award, More than Magic Award, CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Award, Lost Hearts- EBook pick of the month award from

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