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Name:  Julie Beard  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction & Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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Illinois Connection

*Worked in Chicago at WFLD-TV

Biographical and Professional Information

Julie was a reporter and a newswriter for ten years before turning her writing skills to more creative venues. She also loves to teach and has given dozens of workshops and lectures around the country at community colleges, bookstores and writers conferences. As for her fiction credits, Julie has written 10 best-selling novels and novellas.

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Titles At Your Library

Lady and the Wolf
ISBN: 042516425X

Berkley. 1998

Repackaged to match the author's newest title, Romance of the Rose, her debut novel traces a medieval noblewoman's inner conflict between proud chastity and unbridled desire for the rugged husband chosen by her father. Reissue.

My Fair Lord
ISBN: 0425174816

Berkley. 2000

In order to preserve her inheritance, a young lady enters into a marriage of convenience with a tough London thief, Lucas Davin, a situation that becomes complicated when her new husband is possessed by the dashing spirit of Lord Hamilton, who transforms the thief into a gentleman by his presence. Original.

Dance in Heather
ISBN: 0515118737

Jove. 1996

Bitterly accepting the royal decree to wed the handsome Earl of Easterby, who once failed her in a desperate time of need, Lady Tess Farnsworth hopes to exact revenge by breaking his heart but is unprepared for her own feelings

Falcon and the Sword
ISBN: 0515120650

Jove. 1997

Whispered about as the most skilled falconer at Lohengrine Castle, beautiful Ariel is sought out by a wounded Knight Templar who helps her to unravel the mysteries that haunt her dreams

Romance of the Rose
ISBN: 0425163423

Berkley. 1998

A friend of William Shakespeare, Lady Rosalind Carbery resolves to rule Thornbury Manor like the strong-willed Elizabeth I, while a dashing privateer from her family's past returns from the high seas to claim the estate as his own. Original.

The Maiden's Heart
ISBN: 0515125156

Jove. 1999

When knight errant Hugh de Greyhurst marries a baron's daughter sight unseen, he discovers that his lovely bride, Margrete Trewsbury, has vowed to remain forever chaste, until a deadly conspiracy unites them against a common threat

Very Truly Yours
ISBN: 0515130397

Jove. 2001

When some mysterious letters are delivered to Jack Fairchild's law practice, he sets out to find the young woman who had written them, only to discover that the author is Miss Liza Cranshaw, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, who is being blackmailed into marriage by a greedy aristocrat out to gain control of her fortune. Original.

The Duchess' Lover
ISBN: 0515132772

Jove. 2002

After twenty years of marriage to her cruel, domineering husband, Olivia, the widowed duchess of Brandhurst is finally free to pursue her own life and finds new love in the arms of gardener Will Barnes, but scandal and vicious accusations could destroy them both. Original.

Midnight Angel
ISBN: 0425194396

Berkley. 2003

Lady Lydia Beaumont, who, disguised as a man, roams the streets of London at night, rescuing unfortunate women from danger, must place her trust in Lord Hugh Montgomery, the very same man who nearly ruined her life, when a young girl is kidnapped. Original.

Kiss of the Blue Dragon (Silhouette Bombshell)
ISBN: 0373513194

Silhouette Bombshell. 2004

Kiss Of The Blue Dragon by Julie Beard released on Jul 23, 2004 is available now for purchase.



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