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Name:  Richard Roeper  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: October 17, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Roeper was born in Chicago and graduated from Illinois State University. He currently resides in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Poeper is a columnist and film critic. He was a freelance writer from 1982- 87 and has been a syndicated columnist for the ''Chicago Sun-Times'' since 1987. He was a commentator for seven years for ''Fox Thing in the Morning'' and WFLD-TV, Chicago. He has been the cohost and a film critic for the ''Ebert & Roeper Show''. He has also served as radio talk-show host on WLS-FM and WLUP-FM and panelist on National Public Radio's ''Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!''He has also been a contributor to periodicals including: USA Today, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and Esquire.

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Titles At Your Library

He Rents, She Rents: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Women's Films and Guy Movies
ISBN: 0312198973

St. Martin's Griffin. 1999

Recommends motion pictures to rent, lists cast and credits, and explains why men or women would enjoy the film

Urban Legends: The Truth Behind All Those Deliciously Entertaining Myths That Are Absolutely, Positively, 100% Not True
ISBN: 1564144992

New Page Books. 2001

Recounts dozens of stories that have become part of contemporary folklore even though they have no basis in fact, and reveals the truth behind each legend.

Hollywood Urban Legends: The Truth Behind Alll Those Delightfully Persistent Myths of Film, Television, and Music
ISBN: 1564146472

New Page Books. 2002

Was Marilyn Monroe really a size 16? Was Lucille Ball a communist? And what's the truth about the infamous bloopers on such shows as The Newlywed Game, Password, and The Tonight Show? In a town that thrives on rumor and gossip, urban legends proliferated long before the term was coined. Now the brightest new voice about the movies brings his distinctive style of investigative reporting and compelling storytelling to bear on the most persistent legends involving the people who bring us the movies, TV shows, and music we love so much. As co-host of Ebert & Roeper and a celebrated syndicated columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, Roeper has devoted at least a column a week to the buzz from Hollywood and the countless urban legends that emanate from Tinsel Town. Now available in paperback, Richard Roeper recounts these stories in Hollywood Urban Legends, as he gives us the truth behind the most deliciously false stories about our favorite stars.

Ten Sure Signs a Movie Character Is Doomed and Other Surprising Movie Lists
ISBN: 0613926145

Topeka Bindery. 2003

Schlock Value: Hollywood at Its Worst
ISBN: 1401308228

Hyperion. 2006

A zany compilation of essays, rants, riffs, and lists journeys inside the bizarre world of Hollywood to provide a witty look at the movies and the people and industry that make them, offering such helpful information as the career batting averages of actors, reviews of Hollywood finances, a list of actors appearing in television commercials around the world, and other trivia. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

Sox and the City: A Fan's Love Affair with the White Sox from the Heartbreak of '67 to the Wizards of Oz
ISBN: 1556526792

Chicago Review Press. 2007

An account of what it was like to grow up a White Sox fan in a Cubs nation, this title covers the history of the organisation, from the heartbreak of 1967 and the South-Side Hit Men to the disco demolition and the magical 2005 season when they became world champions.

Debunked!: Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, and Evil Plots of the 21st Century
ISBN: 1556527071

Chicago Review Press. 2008

You know what's really going on, don't you? Flight 93 secretly landed in Cleveland, where the passengers were whisked off to a NASA facility. Nostradamus predicted JFK Jr.'s plane crash, which was engineered by the One World Government. Online poker sites are rigged to knock out the short stacks. Donald Rumsfeld was behind the bird flu panic.

That's what it's like to live inside the mind of the 21st-century conspiracy theorist, who believes that all you have to do is look at the signs and you'll see what's really going on. And thousands if not millions of people actually believe this is the way the world works.

Debunked! is a breezy but fact-filled dissection of more than two dozen of the most popular urban legends and conspiracy theories of the 21st century. As he did in Urban Legends and Hollywood Urban Legends, and as he has done in dozens of columns for the Chicago Sun-Times over the last decade and a half, Richard Roeper lays out the basics of each conspiracy theory, quotes some of the true believers—and then tears the theory apart with his bare hands.

This book will provide you with invaluable ammunition for the next time you communicate with someone from that other, shadow world—that place where secret tribunals pull the strings and influence the outcome of everything from terrorist attacks to professional sporting events.


Outstanding Columnist, Illinois Press Association, 1992 National Headliner award for top columnist, Atlantic City Press Club, 1992 Emmy award, 1994

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