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Name:  Ernest Samuels  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago, Illinois

Died: Feb 12, 1996 in Evanston, Il

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Born in Chicago, Illinois

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Pulitzer Prize in biography, 1965, for the three-volume Henry Adams. He also received the Carl Sandburg Award for Bernard Berenson,The Making of a Connoisseur, in 1980.

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Bernard Berenson
ISBN: 9780674432499. OCLC Number: 900820154

Harvard University Press. .

Controversy swirls around Bernard Berenson today as it did in his middle years, before and between two world wars. Who was this man, this supreme connoisseur of Italian Renaissance painting? How did he support his elegant estate near Florence, his Villa I Tatti? What exactly were his relations with the art dealer Joseph Duveen? What part did his wife, Mary, play in his scholarly work and professional career? The answers are to be found in the day-to-day record of his life as he lived it--as reported at first hand in his and Mary's letters and diaries and reflected in the countless personal and business letters they received. His is one of the most fully documented lives of this century. Ernest Samuels, having spent twenty years studying the thousands of letters and other manuscripts, presents his story in absorbing detail. Berenson helped Isabella Stewart Gardner build her great collection and performed similar though lesser services for other wealthy Americans. It was merely an avocation and a useful source of income; his vocation was scholarship. But after 1904, when the book opens, his expertise was in ever-greater demand: a purchaser's only assurance of the authorship of an Italian painting was the opinion of an expert, and in this field Berenson was pre-eminent. Increasingly he was drawn into the lucrative world of the art dealers; inevitably Joseph Duveen found it essential to enlist his services, at first ad hoc, then by contractual agreement. Samuels charts the course of Berenson's long association with Duveen Brothers, detailing the financial arrangements, the humdrum chores and major contested attributions, the periodic clashes between the stubborn scholar and the arrogant entrepreneur. The portrayal of Berenson's relationship with Mary is especially intriguing: a union of opposites in all but brains and wit, bonded--despite love affairs, jealousies, recriminations--no longer by passion but by shared concerns. Impinging on their lives are those of a huge circle of friends and acquaintances in America and the beau monde of Europe. Both as biography and as a chapter of social and cultural history, it is a compelling book.

Bernard Berenson :
ISBN: 0674067770. OCLC Number: 901359170

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,. .

Bernard Berenson :
ISBN: 0674067797. OCLC Number: 14376867

Belknap Press,. .

Henry Adams /
ISBN: 0674387368. OCLC Number: 19129944

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,. .

Henry Adams :
ISBN: 0965651908. OCLC Number: 51915333

History Book Club,. .

The relationship between Adam's life and his writings grew steadily richer. This book includes a definitive and absorbing account of Adams and his wife, Marian (Clover) Hooper, and introduces Adams;s grand passion for Elizabeth Cameron, the young, wealthy wife of a U.S. senator.

Henry Adams: The Major Phase
ISBN: 0674387511. OCLC Number: 1001677943

Harvard University Press,. .

The education of Henry Adams
ISBN: 1598530607. OCLC Number: 567666309

Library of America :. .

Henry Adams was one of the most powerful and original minds to confront the American scene from the Civil War to World War I. Though a man of the modern world, Adams remained in temperament a child of the 18th century, his political ideals shaped by his presidential ancestors, great-grandfather John Adams and grandfather John Quincy Adams. The Education of Henry Adams is both a brilliant memoir and a profound meditation on the extraordinary developments in science, politics, religion, and society that so transformed the world as he knew it. #x13;

The education of Henry Adams /
ISBN: 0395166209. OCLC Number: 813898

. .

The young Henry Adams /
ISBN: 0674966309. OCLC Number: 12232925

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,. .