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Name:  William Leo Roth Jr.  

Pen Name: William L. Roth Jr.


Born: 1961 in Springfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Roth was born in and currently resides in Springfield.

Biographical and Professional Information

Roth, Jr. is an author and practitioner of Marian Theology, has written the timely ''White Collar Witch Hunt: The Catholic Priesthood Under Siege''. His earlier non-fiction religious books are ''In Our Darkest Hour: Morning Star Over America''; ''At the Water's Edge: Essays in Faith and Morals''; and ''When Legends Rise Again: The Convergence of Capitalism and Christianity''.

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Titles At Your Library

In our darkest hour, Morning Star over America
ISBN: 0967158702

Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc. 1999

At the Water's Edge - Essays in Faith and Morals
ISBN: 0967158710

The Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc.. 2001

"At the Water's Edge" is the second mystical work that has been produced through the amazing grace of the miraculous intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to two men in the central United States. This transcending collection of 70 faith-filled essays professes the bold substance of the Gospel message which the Immaculate Mother of Jesus Christ has given to these childhood friends and faithful visionaries, charging them to dispense this long-offended wisdom with courage and nobility to a spiritually darkened world. The almost surreal images painted within this hallowed manuscript are wrapped in a poetic beauty that could only have come from one of the world's greatest writers or Heaven itself. Few writings appear bearing such uncompromising passion and the strength to launch a reader's awareness into the stratospheric dignity of man, truly unveiling the sanctified identity of humankind before the unseen King of Creation and our ultimate destiny of residing once again within the ecstatic realms of the immortal Paradise from which our first parents fell. This great work possesses the power to overcome and transcend the famished appetite of any critical reader as an authentic, resilient passion for the transformation of the world pulsates page after page from the folds of this writer's heart, finally and inevitably leaving the most skeptical wondering at the turning of the last page whether God has truly allowed something so miraculous to occur. There is no disappointment in its prophetic vision, simply a triumph that is beyond the imagining hearts of both paupers and kings.

White Collar Witch Hunt - The Catholic Priesthood Under Siege
ISBN: 0967158737

The Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc.. 2002

Amidst a sweltering climate of derision toward the institution of the Holy Priesthood, a mystical voice of authority has refocused everyone's vision away from the boiling and brawling hellbroth of vengeance and retribution being swirled and stirred by this nation's secular media elite. A tribute to twenty centuries of unimpeachable virtue, a super-majority of purity, and the breathtaking heroic service that Roman Catholic priests have delivered to our contemporary world has been brought to bear upon the profiteering image-makers of our culture and their obvious anti-Catholic agendas. This magnanimous work trumpets the unreported, yet undeniable, Truth regarding the sacrificial lives of Heaven's finest robed stewards as they collectively weather the remarkable assault upon their sacred honor and the sacrificial integrity of their venerable vocation. William Roth has gracefully unveiled the higher wisdom dispensed through the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary with this passionately written treatise which rebalances the scales of honest enlightenment and widens the horizons of our grander vision, reminding everyone that the chosen recipients of the Sacrament of Holy Orders are supported and carried by a two millennium legacy of having never failed to deliver righteous counsel, resilient principle, or angelic purity to any era of humankind. While our contemporary world is floundering in the consequences of our hypersexual culture, any person who surveys the Catholic Priesthood from the purview of this work will realize that the passing and personal aberrations of a few sinful individuals will ultimately command no more than a footnote in history a postscript which itself will be lost in the ages of their sacramental purity.

When Legends Rise Again - The Convergence of Capitalism and Christianity
ISBN: 0967158729

The Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc.. 2002

On February 22, 1991, the Mother of Jesus Christ began a supernatural relationship with two central Illinois men who themselves had been best of friends from their youth. Through appearances and mystical interior conversations, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary began instructing them in regards to the wishes and demands of Heaven during our contemporary age. "When Legends Rise Again" is one of the products of their unique and prophetic encounters with these Hosts of Paradise. Never has there been such a righteous admonition filled with so many solemn truths pertaining to the soul of the United States of America. It is a graceful, yet lambasting, rebuttal of our immoral culture and lackadaisical approach to our relationship with Jesus Christ and the responsibilities espoused by the tenets of His teachings. This expose delves into the character of those who founded this great nation, along with highlighting many sacred witnesses who have burned-out their lives guarding an almost mystical heritage that we are collectively taking for granted. It is the third work in a monumental series of mystical writings that possess the power to ultimately transform the spiritual perception of millions regarding the sacred nature of our lives in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.



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