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Name:  George Lowe  

Pen Name: None


Born: Atlanta, Georgia

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Illinois Connection

George was raised and lives in Chicago.

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Titles At Your Library

*9099* Environs Of Infinity (Projections Of Things To Come)
ISBN: B0006E58AC

A. E. Rowe Press. 1981

B.G., The Little Drummer Girl Who Drums For The Sun
ISBN: B0006EQ522

A. E. Rowe Press. 1988

Hidalgo/ The Neocrat
ISBN: 0979641667

A. E. Rowe Press. 1993

This book is about the way things work! It is about how government, society, science, languages, economics, education, etc. works.

Mother's Milk & Diapers
ISBN: 0979641616

A. E. Rowe Press. 2005

This is a book for men and women who having been denied "Mother's Milk & Diapers" wear "diapers" butt showing pants, tattoo their body, use the "n" word, shave their heads, use dope, rap, hip hop, call each other "b" and "m-f's", do oral sex, wear gold chains and blond dyed hair as a symbol of their return to slavery are crying out for their Mother's touch - Screaming and screaming out all of their lives in a "Cry For Love!". Caution! This book may be very disturbing to some readers.

The Birth of the Universe & the Logic of Infinity
ISBN: 0979641608

A. E. Rowe Press. 2007

This is a not a book about religion or idol worship. This book is about our Universe and why it has always been our Universe. It is about Time "time" and why is not a part of our Universe. It is about immortality and why death cannot exist in our Universe. This book is about the "Big Bang" theory and why our Universe could not have been created from "an infintestimal gravity"! This book is about "The Logic Of Infinity" which is: "There has always been something!" and that something has always been our Universe. This book will change the way you think and you will understand how everything in our Universe Will Live Forever.



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