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General Information

Name:  Stuart M. Kaminsky  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1934 in Chicago, Illinois

Died: 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Illinois Connection

Kaminsky was born in Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern.

Biographical and Professional Information

Stuart Melvin Kaminsky entered the University of Illinois on a soccer scholarship, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1957, followed by a master’s in English literature in 1959. In 1972, he received a doctorate in film studies from Northwestern University, writing his dissertation on the director Don Siegel.

Joining the Northwestern faculty, Mr. Kaminsky taught film there until 1989. Afterward, he was the first director of the Graduate Film Conservatory at Florida State University, a position he held till 1994, when he left academia to write full time. The author of more than 60 crime novels, Mr. Kaminsky typically wrote two or more books a year.

A longtime resident of Sarasota, Florida, he moved to St. Louis for a liver transplant but suffered a stroke shortly thereafter which made him ineligible for the transplant.

Published Works

  • Blood and Rubles, Fawcett Columbine, 1996
  • The Green Bottle, Forge, 1996
  • A Fatal Glass of Beer, Mysterious Press, 1997
  • Devil on My Doorstep, Forge, 1998
  • Vengeance, A Lew Fonesca Mystery, Forge, 1999
  • Fall of a Cosmonaut, Mysterious Press/Warner, 1999
  • Mildred Pierced, A Toby Peters Mystery, Carrol and Graf, 2003
  • Midnight Pass, Forge Books, 2003
  • The Cold War Swap, St. Martin`s Minotaur, 2003
  • The Last Dark Place, An Abe Lieberman Mystery, Forge Books, 2004
  • People Who Walk in Darkness, Forge Books, 2009
  • Bright Futures: A Lew Fonesca Mystery, Forge Books, 2009
  • A Wisper to The Living, Forge Books, 2010

Selected Titles At Your Library

Blood and rubles :
ISBN: 0449909492. OCLC Number:

Fawcett Columbine,. New York :. 1996.

In Russia, Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov and his squad of dedicated and honest policemen battle organized crime, muggings, kidnapings and murder. The action unfolds against the background of the anarchy which followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. By the author of A Cold Red Sunrise.

The green bottle /
ISBN: 0312862296. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 1996.

Rockford has returned a missing green bottle to a rich and grateful client when he discovers that the case of the green bottle wasn't as simple as it looked.

A fatal glass of beer /
ISBN: 0892966300. OCLC Number:

Mysterious Press,. New York :. ©1997.

The Hollywood detective, Toby Peters, is hired by the 1940s comedian, W.C. Fields, to help catch a swindler. The swindler has found a way to gain access to Fields' bank accounts in various parts of the country and is emptying them one by one.

Devil on my doorstep /
ISBN: 0312864442. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 1998.

Private eye Jim Rockford receives a visit from a girl claiming to be his daughter and she has proof. The girl says her mother, the woman with whom Rockford had an affair, is missing and may have been murdered by her husband. Rockford investigates.

Vengeance :
ISBN: 0812575180. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 1999.

PI Lew Fonseca of Florida is hired to find a girl who ran away from her abusive father for the streets. The search takes him into the sleazy world of pimps and prostitution. First in a new series.

Fall of a cosmonaut /
ISBN: 0892966688. OCLC Number:

Mysterious Press,. New York :. ©2000.

Chief Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov and Emil Karpov lead an investigation for clues that might link the disappearance of a cosmonaut, the theft of the negatives of a Russian epic film, and the murder of the director of a center for paranormal research.

Mildred pierced :
ISBN: 0786711825. OCLC Number:

Carroll & Graf Publishers ;. New York :. 2003.

When his longtime friend Sheldon Minck is arrested for the murder of his estranged wife, Mildred, private detective Toby Peters is hired by film legend Joan Crawford to solve the crime and prevent negative publicity from tarring her name.

Midnight pass :
ISBN: 0765304627. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 2003.

Abandoning his old life after the death of his wife, Lew Fonesca takes a series of odd jobs in Sarasota, Florida, and is enlisted to help locate some missing people, a situation that is complicated by a string of suspicious deaths.

The Cold War swap /
ISBN: 0312315813. OCLC Number:

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Minotaur,. New York :. 2003.

At the height of the Cold War, two Americans are runnng a bar in the West German capital, called Mac's place. One of the pair, Michael Padillo, isn't around a lot; he keeps disappearing on "business trips." McCorkle, his partner, wisely doesn't ask questions; he knows Padillo has a second job -- he's a (reluctant) US agent. But McCorkle is ready to answer a call for help from Padillo, and he joins his friend in a blind journey with no inkling of what they will encounter at the turn of each dark and dangerous corner.

The last dark place :
ISBN: 0765304635. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 2004.

When the target of an extradition case in Arizona is gunned down, detective Abe Lieberman pursues the killer's identity, while priest Bill Hanrahan struggles with a racist and sexist colleague who thwarts a rape investigation.

People who walk in darkness /
ISBN: 0765318873. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 2008.

Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov travels to Siberia to investigate a murder at a diamond mine, where he discovers an old secret ... and an even older personal problem. His compatriots head to Kiev on a trail of smuggled diamonds and kidnapped guest workers ... and what they discover leads them to a vast conspiracy that not only has international repercussions but threatens them on a very personal level.

Bright futures :
ISBN: 0765318288. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 2009, ©2008.

Lovable everyman Lew Fonesca, the man who makes things work in Sarasota, takes on the cases of seventeen-year-old Ronnie Graeill accused of bludgeoning to death a local curmudgeon who has been campaigning to end state-sponsored school funding and a semi-retired and much beloved singer of children's songs who is being blackmailed.

A whisper to the living /
ISBN: 0765318881. OCLC Number:

Forge,. New York :. 2010.

Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov, an honest policeman in a very dishonest post-Soviet Union, and his team search for a serial killer who has claimed at least 40 victims while protecting a visiting British journalist who is working on a story about a Moscow prostitution ring that produces leads to a high-level source seemingly beyond Rostnikov's reach.