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Name:  Paul Engleman  

Pen Name: Paul Francis - a pen name used with a book written with Dick Clark


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1953 in Nyack, New York

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Illinois Connection

Paul moved to Chicago in 1976 and still resides there today.

Biographical and Professional Information

Engleman is the author of eight mystery novels, including the SHAMUS award winner ''Dead in Center Field'' and ''The Man With My Name'', which recalls Chicago during the Harold Washington era. His articles and essays--on subjects ranging from sports to music to politics--have appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Playboy, Chicago Magazine, AARP, The Rotarian, the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times.

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Titles At Your Library

Dead in Center Field
ISBN: 0345309359

Ballantine Books. 1983

Mark Renzler, a private detective, is unaware of the connection between a case of blackmail and an assignment to protect a major league player who is close to breaking the home run record

Catch a Fallen Angel
ISBN: 0099555301

Mysterious Press. 1987

1st edition 1st printing paperback, vg+ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

Murder-In-Law (Mark Renzler Mystery)
ISBN: 0892961864

Mysterious Press. 1987

Who Shot Longshot Sam
ISBN: 0446400041

Mysterious Press. 1991

Corralled into entering a handicapping contest at a seedy New Jersey racetrack by one of his dubious pals, New York private eye Mark Renzler is on hand when master handicapper Longshot Sam Natoli catches a sniper's bullet. Natoli was the odds-on favorite to win the $50,000 Super-Pick prize, and now the contest – and the murder investigation – is wide open. The field of suspects includes nasty ex-cons, sexy ex-wives, jealous rival handicappers, heavily armed security guards, and crooked local politicians. With Richard Nixon's final days unfolding in the background, it's up to Renzler -- abetted by his avant-garde artist pal Nate Moore and his teenaged seminary student nephew Herbie – to solve the puzzle of Who Shot Longshot Sam? Praise for Paul Engleman and Who Shot Longshot Sam? "A raffish, fast-moving tale, spun by a deft storyteller." -- Studs Terkel "A slick, wise mystery that starts at a clip and never falters. Engleman has a winning series in the Renzler chronicles." -- Chicago Magazine "The wisecracks are funny and the allusions clever. Engleman, like Chandler, doesn't take himself too seriously." -- Publishers Weekly "Renzler's easygoing, sardonic narration keeps things moving along on a jaunty, not-too-serious level." -- Kirkus Reviews "Crisply written, highly entertaining. Breezy and irreverent, Engleman works in 70s touches without wallowing in nostalgia." -- Chicago Sun-Times "Damon Runyon couldn't have created a more entertaining and colorful collection of characters." -- Playboy "An expert whodunit." -- Chicago Tribune

Murder on Tour: A Rock'N'Roll Mystery
ISBN: 0892962860

Mysterious Press. 1989

Clark's "American Bandstand" has been televised since the late '50s. Now he puts his intimate knowledge of rock 'n' roll on display in a witty and entertaining tale of murder and intrigue among the rock world's movers and shakers.

The Man With My Name
ISBN: 0312098677

St Martins Pr. 1994

Phil Moony, prematurely "retired" from his job as a paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department for running afoul of the local political machine, is at loose ends. So when a stranger mistaking him for a different Phil Moony calls him in the middle of the night to deliver an ominous-sounding warning, Moony decides to try his hand at sleuthing and strikes a deal with the caller to search for his namesake. After receiving another call for the wrong Moony, Phil agrees to a meeting and arrives to find a dead body, a bottle of booze, and a suitcase full of baseball cards.
Afraid that someone is setting him up - most probably the Democratic Machine out for revenge - Phil finds himself in a difficult position: With the police asking questions and few clues as to what is happening around him, Phil must unravel the mysteries behind this confusing and increasingly deadly situation. Most importantly, though, he must solve the mystery behind the man with his name.

Left for Dead: A Mark Renzler Novel
ISBN: 0312135343

St Martins Pr. 1996

It is December 1972. J. Edgar Hoover is dead, Richard Nixon has been newly reelected, and Private Investigator Mark Renzler is just settling in for another miserable Christmas season in New York City.
But even this dismal prospect fades when he is contacted by a friend of a friend in need of his help. Harmony Rollins, a blaxploitation film actress and star of the recently released Sister Shamus, is worried about her brother Harpo. An ex-Black Panther, Harpo was involved in the break-in of an FBI office and may be holding documents that the FBI doesn't want released to the public. Since the collapse of the Panthers, Harpo has been deep underground and was not in contact with his family until he called Harmony ten days ago, scared for his life and frantic that his cover had been blown. When Harpo doesn't pick up the getaway money she wired, Harmony turns to Renzler. Now Renzler must navigate through the wilderness of the fractured and paranoid radical left to find his man - or it will be a very un-Merry Christmas for all.

The Man With My Cat
ISBN: 031224651X

Minotaur Books. 2000

When former Chicago fire fighter Phil Mooney's father's cat is stolen from the veterinarian's office and the vet turns up dead, Phil must sort through a list of potential catnappers to find the murderer.


''Dead in Center Field'' won the 1984 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original Novel and the St. Martins/Private Writer of Ameria Best P.I. Paperback Novel.

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