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Name:  Bruce Davidson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Born: 1933 in Chicago, Illinois

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He was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Bruce Davidson is an award-winning photographer. He is best known for his depictions of poverty and adversity in American life. He has been a contributor to periodicals, including, ''Life'', ''Realites'', ''Du'', ''Esquire'', ''Queen'', ''Look'' and ''Vogue''. Davidson's photographs are held in museums around the world. He has published several books and received many awards, including the first grant for photography from the National Endowment for the Arts to document one block in Spanish Harlem. Two one-man exhibitions of his work have been shown at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Davidson has also dreicted short films, including, ''Living off the Land and Isaac Singer's Nightmare'' and ''Mrs. Pupko's Beard''.

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Black & white
ISBN: 9783869304328. OCLC Number: 772114213

Steidl,. .

Black & White is the definitive collection of Bruce Davidson's black and white photography, spanning a period of forty years. This five-volume set reprints of classic books of Davidson's poignant and purposeful imagery, some of them newly edited and expanded. The seminal bodies of work are Circus (1958), an intimate portrait of a dwarf clown; Brooklyn Gang (1959), depicting a group of troubled youths; Time of Change (1961-1965), a civil rights documentation in America; East 100th Street (1966-1968), showing life on one block in Spanish Harlem; and Central Park (1992-1995), exploring layers of life in New York's famous urban oasis. Black & White is a tribute to Davidson's unique photographic achievement, and a powerful document of social change.

Brooklyn gang
ISBN: 0944092500. OCLC Number: 40661419

Twin Palms Publishers,. .

Bruce Davidson :
ISBN: 0893818518. OCLC Number: 44869304

Aperture,. .

Heroes, idols, and enemies revealed as never before. What happens when a photographer known for his empathetic portraiture of the marginalized or downtrodden suddenly focuses his extraordinary eye on the lifestyles of the rich and the famous? In Bruce Davidson's wildly diverse and typically revealing Personalities witness an aggressive Joan Crawford, apparently hell-bent on force-feeding some poor soul the unwavering intensity of Samuel Beckett during a rehearsal of Waiting for Godot and Diana Ross and the Supremes in the midst of a snowball fight or relaxing backstage at the Apollo. Seen through Davidson's lens, Newt Gingrich looks as goofy as Bobby Kennedy seems impenetrable. From his portraits of East One Hundredth Street in Harlem, to subway riders in Subway, or the denizens of Central Park in his most recent, widely acclaimed Aperture Book, Central Park, Davidson has always established an intuitive rapport with his subjects. Now, for the first time, we see him take on some of our favorite and most controversial personalities.

Bruce Davidson :
ISBN: 9783869302942. OCLC Number: 746853439

Steidl,. .

At first Davidson photographed in black and white, but he soon realised colour was necessary to depict the intensity of this graffiti-covered landscape. Originally published in 1986, this updated Steidl edition of Subway is printed from new scans of Davidson.s Kodachrome slides and features additional images.

Bruce Davidson :
ISBN: 386521908X. OCLC Number: 432409436

. .

Bruce Davidson :
ISBN: 9783869305530. OCLC Number: 816168388

Steidl ;. .

Bruce Davidson photographs
ISBN: 0500540594. OCLC Number: 16496894

Thames and Hudson,. .

Bruce Davidson photographs /
ISBN: 0671400681. OCLC Number: 4492302

Agrinde Publications :. .

Central Park /
ISBN: 0893819921. OCLC Number: 33838451

Aperture,. .

Photographs of Central Park that reveal a humane haven of breathtaking beauty as well as a site for wonderous adventures. Renowned as an intrepid explorer of the urban terrain, Bruce Davidson has challenged himself in a remarkable new way, taking on the visual and metaphorical scope of Central Park. -- Publisher description.

Circus /
ISBN: 3865213669. OCLC Number: 156865672

Steidl,. .

East 100th Street /
ISBN: 0971368139. OCLC Number: 52068326

. .

Black and white photography of ghetto life in Harlem from 1966-1968.

England/ Scotland, 1960 /
ISBN: 3865211275. OCLC Number: 64306954

Steidl ;. .

"In 1960, after spending an intense year photographing a notorious Brooklyn street gang called "The Jokers", Bruce Davidson decided that he needed to get away from the tension, depression, and potential violence connected to that work. He took on a commission to photograph Marilyn Monroe during the making of John Houston's film The Misfits in the Nevada desert, and then traveled to London on a commission for The Queen magazine. Edited by Jocelyn Stevens, The Queen was a magazine devoted to.

Subway /
ISBN: 097136818X. OCLC Number: 53031261

Saint Ann's ;. .

In 1980 Bruce Davidson began photographing the New York subway system, venturing regularly into this intoxicating, sometimes dangerous subterranean world. At first Davidson photographed in black and white, but he soon realized color was necessary to depict the intensity of this graffiti-covered landscape. Originally published in 1986, this updated Steidl edition of Subway is printed from new scans of Davidsons Kodachrome slides and features additional images.

Time of change :
ISBN: 0971368112. OCLC Number: 50421263

St. Ann's Press,. .

Photographic essays chronicle the lives of African Americans during the Civil Rights movement of the early 1960s, highlighting the social activities of all economic classes.