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Name:  John Conroy  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: March 29, 1951 in LaSpezia, Italy

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John Conroy lives in a Chicago suburb.

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Carl Sandburg Literary Award for, Belfast Diary. The Friends of Literature Award for best nonfiction book of 1987. The Society of Midland Authors Award for best nonfiction book of 1987.

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Belfast diary :
ISBN: 0807002178. OCLC Number: 31606340

Beacon Press,. .

Belfast 1972. It's the bloodiest year of the Northern Irish 'Troubles' and sixteen-year-old Eimear O'Callaghan, a Catholic schoolgirl in West Belfast, bears witness in her new diary. What follows is a unique and touching perspective into the daily life of an ordinary teenager coming of age in extraordinary times. The immediacy of the diary entries are complemented with the author's mature reflections written forty years later. The result is poignant, shocking, wryly funny and above all, explicitly honest. This unique publication comes at a time when Northern Ireland is desperately struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its turbulent past. It provides a powerful juxtaposition of the ordinary, everyday concerns of a sixteen-year-old girl - who could be any girl in any British or Irish city at this time, worrying about her hair, exams, boys, clothes, discos - with the unimaginable horror of a society slowly disintegrating before her eyes, a seemingly inevitable descent into a bloody civil war, fuelled by sectarianism, hatred and fear.

Belfast Diary: War as a Way of Life.
ISBN: 9780807002193. OCLC Number: 927103822

. .

Resolution of intractable problems around the world requires understanding ordinary people as well as leaders. This street-level view of Northern Ireland provides the best explanation of the twenty-five-year conflict.

Unspeakable acts, ordinary people :
ISBN: 0520230396. OCLC Number: 46683837

University of California Press,. .