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Name:  Richard Jones  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Poetry

Audience: Adult;

Born: August 8, 1953 in London, England

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Illinois Connection

Richard Jones has been on the faculty at DePaul University in Chicago since 1987. He currently lives in Evanston.

Biographical and Professional Information

Richard Jones was born in London, England and came to the United States when he was a year old. He is a notable contemporary poet and is the author of several books of poems. He is also the editor of the anthology, Poetry and Politics. In 2000, he published a compact disc, Body and Soul, in which he discusses the art of poetry. He is editor of the literary journal, Poetry East, and its many anthologies, including, The Last Believer in Words and Bliss. He is currently professor of English at DePaul University in Chicago, where he has taught since 1987.


The Blessing

Society of Midland Authors Award for Poetry, 2000

Country of Air

Posner Award, 1986

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ISBN: B002SMP5YY. OCLC Number:

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48 questions /
ISBN: 0941017303. OCLC Number: 40804046

Bombshelter Press,. .

A perfect time
ISBN: 1556590687. OCLC Number: 30736214

Copper Canyon Press,. .

The subjects range from coming home to find the house burglarized, to weeping over a 19th Century novel, to cooking tomato soup, to the mood of an early morning: Four in the morning in a quiet house is like a clearing in a forest, tranquil, serene, a perfect time to ask forgiveness or consider the future's empty face.

Apropos of nothing /
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At last we enter paradise
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Blessing the boats :
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The blessing :
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ISBN: 1556593171. OCLC Number: 456178282

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Richard Jones examines the details of daily life as though through a childs' eyes, taking in every wondrous moment as if time were nonexistent, yet with the intensely painful understanding that the elemental world of the family is fleeting. Jones, who is strongly influenced by Rilke and Keats, is a master of metaphor who can transform mundane things into sacred objects.

The stone it lives on /
ISBN: 0938566830. OCLC Number: 44598303

Adastra Press,. .

Windows and walls /
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