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Name:  Yolanda Joe  

Pen Name: Ardella Garland


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago, Illinois

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Falling Leaves of Ivy
ISBN: 1879360438

Noble Pr. 1996

He Say She Say
ISBN: 1417802162

San Val. 1998

Bebe's By Golly Wow: A Novel
ISBN: 0440235251

Dell. 1999

Bebe's paid her dues. Now it's time to light a little fire . . . .

Bebe's got a brand-new tight-fitting money-green dress. Isaac has three dollars in his wallet and fifty out on loan. Bebe's wearing her best lipstick. Isaac's got a shirt that could have been on Soul Train, a car that won't start, and a pair of free tickets to a "happening" nightclub he'll wish he never used. All in all, it's a first date made somewhere far from heaven. And it's the start of something really hot.

Following her acclaimed first novel, He Say, She Say, Yolanda Joe brings back her high-spirited heroine, Bebe, as she takes a shot at love with a sweet, good-natured Chicago fireman named Isaac Sizemore. So what's the problem? Here's a hint: she's twelve years old, raps, and knows an enemy when she sees one. . . .

This Just In
ISBN: 0345446461

One World/Ballantine. 2001

Bestselling author Yolanda Joe offers a warm, witty, and provocative look at broadcast news--where the real action happens behind the camera.

At WKBA in Chicago, five women--four black and one white--are walking a tightrope of determination and ruthlessness, race and relations, personal life and office politics. While fighting to survive in the old-boys network, they are forced to tackle the biggest story of all . . . their own lives:

Holly Johnston--Reporter/Anchor. Hoping to be more than eye candy, she's got the reigning "Dragon Diva" to contend with--and that lady fights with fire.

Alexandra Harbor--Photographer. Street smart and burned out. Can her fierce talent keep her afloat as the station faces a ratings plunge?

Kenya Adams--News Writer/Producer. Struggling to transform her print skills into TV news, her drive to succeed is wreaking havoc on her home life.

Meg "Beans" Rippley--Camerawoman. A shattering incident will put her on the dividing line between black and white, where there are no shades of gray.

Denise Mitzler--Upper Management. Tough and ambitious, she has set her sights on the top but a harrowing choice will challenge her sense of right.

This Just In . . . is a delicious peek at what the viewer doesn't see--the hot stories that spring from the heart of five very different women as they jockey for respect in a fiercely competitive world. At once moving and hilarious, it resonates with Yolanda Joe's heartfelt message about women, life, and love.

Details at Ten (Georgia Barnett Mysteries)
ISBN: 0743414802

Pocket. 2002

A savvy, wisecracking reporter-sleuth makes big news in this stunning new mystery by Ardella Garland -- the nom de plume for acclaimed bestselling novelist Yolanda Joe.


Inner-city Chicago: After identifying a drive-by shooter's car on live TV, a young girl named Little Butter disappears. Haunted by her responsibility for the child's fate and heartbroken at seeing her former South Side neighborhood devastated by crime, reporter Georgia Barnett desperately searches for the girl. Butting heads with tough detective Doug Eckart at every turn, Georgia enters dangerous territory where street violence escalates and informers turn up dead. Suddenly, this simple missing-persons case turns into a citywide effort to nab a notorious gang, and Georgia, Doug, and the Channel Eight News crew find themselves struggling to do what's right in a city overcome by racism, fear, and hostility.

Hit Time: A Mystery
ISBN: 1416577882

Simon & Schuster. 2007

Daredevil TV reporter Georgia Barnett returns in another witty, wild, and heart-stopping mystery by Ardella Garland -- pen name of bestselling novelist Yolanda Joe.

Georgia Barnett's live broadcast during an outdoor charity event isn't the only thing making news. Her report is interrupted by a grim discovery: floating in Lake Michigan is the body of Fab Weaver, head of Hit Time Records, one of the most renowned and cutthroat companies on Chicago's Record Row. When suspicion falls on Jimmy Flamingo, a close family friend and down-on-his-luck blues guitarist, Georgia and her twin sister Peaches, nightclub owner and blues singer extraordinaire, quickly get on the case.

While hunting for evidence that will clear Jimmy, Georgia, Peaches, and Georgia's handsome love interest, Detective Doug Eckart, uncover a history of incredible artistry and devastating exploitation in the Chicago music business. Their investigation transports them into a bygone era, when Chicago was the hub of the African-American music scene and Record Row was even more prominent than Motown, giving the world such legends as Etta James and Curtis Mayfield. But while their songs ruled the airwaves and sold millions, many R&B artists of that era -- including Flamingo -- never made millions. As Georgia continues her search for the truth, the legacy of this inequity becomes shockingly apparent.

Clever, fast-paced, and endlessly absorbing, Hit Time is a roller-coaster ride of a mystery and an eye-opening look at a controversial slice of America's musical past.

The Hatwearer's Lesson
ISBN: 0452284872

Plume. 2004

A fast-paced and compassionate novel from the nationally bestselling author of Bebe's By Golly Wow

Terri Mills has it all: good looks, a high-powered job as an attorney, plus a sexy and successful fiancé. But sometimes having it all can get to be too much. Her world at work and her personal life both begin to unravel, especially when her grandmother becomes ill. Terri struggles to get it together, but how?

Her hat-wearing grandmother knows. Terri ventures down South, back to her small-town roots, to nurse Grandma Ollie back to health-but it's Terri who finds healing. Grandma Ollie uses her sixth sense and her powerful gift of storytelling to help her troubled granddaughter.

In The Hatwearer's Lesson, Yolanda Joe delivers a delightful novel that demonstrates the importance of family traditions and having the courage to follow our instincts and our hearts.

My Fine Lady: A Hip-Hop Novel
ISBN: 0452286182

Plume. 2005

A talented and ambitious young singer, Imani finds herself surrounded by men with their own interest in her singing career--including her father, who sees in her a chance to fulfill his own failed dreams her boyfriend, Taz, who is determined to become a mega-producer and Professor Orenthal Hopson, who has made a bet that he can transform her from a hip-hop diva to a traditional jazz singer. Reader's Guide available. Reprint.

Video Cowboys: A Georgia Barnett Mystery
ISBN: 1416587527

Gallery Books. 2007

Straight-talking, crime-busting TV news reporter Georgia Barnett is back again in another smart and sassy mystery by Blackboard bestselling author Yolanda Joe. This time, Georgia's faced with a life-and-death hostage situation -- with precious little time to solve a complex mystery and save a lifelong friend. In this latest comic mystery by acclaimed novelist Yolanda Joe, Georgia Barnett and her cameraman/ partner, Zeke, are minding their own business on an errand at the bank when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a dangerous, and unusual, bank robbery. They quickly find out that the gunman, Brett, isn't looking for money. What he really wants is a major media outlet. The police have ignored his pleas to help find his missing daughter. So Georgia manages to strike a deal: in exchange for her investigative powers and televised appeals to the public for information about Brett's daughter, Georgia will walk free. Brett may be a loose cannon, but he's sharp as a tack and, much to Georgia's dismay, decides to hold on to Zeke as collateral. With a trigger-happy police force and bomb-wielding Brett, Georgia is under the gun, literally, to find Brett's daughter and save Zeke from the crossfire. Her boyfriend, Doug, a tough, handsome, get-'em-at-any-cost cop who works high-profile cases in the Windy City, happens to be away on assignment. Thankfully, Georgia finds an unlikely crew of cohorts in the Video Cowboys -- three of Zeke's fellow cameramen who contribute stories to the local TV stations. Put out to pasture because they were deemed too old to keep up with the demands of the job and the changing technology, the Cowboys are hell-bent on saving Zeke and proving that they've still got the chops to tough it out in the rough-and-tumble world of TV news. Their fast-paced investigation leads them all over Chicago. Time is running out, even as Georgia and the Cowboys hang on during a high-speed car chase, survive a shoot-out, and uncover an intricate drug scandal. Brett's daughter might not be an innocent kidnap victim. And Brett may not be the only threat to Georgia and Zeke's lives...



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