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Name:  Yolanda Joe  

Pen Name: Ardella Garland


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago, Illinois

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Bebe's by golly wow /
ISBN: 0440235251. OCLC Number: 42670605

Dell,. .

"Bebe's got a brand-new tight-fitting money-green dress. Isaac has three dollars in his wallet and fifty out on loan. Bebe's wearing her best lipstick. Isaac's got a shirt that could have been on Soul Train, a car that won't start, and a pair of free tickets to a "happening" nightclub he'll wish he never used."--Back cover.

Details at 10 /
ISBN: 0743414802. OCLC Number: 49190530

Pocket Star Books,. .

Falling leaves of ivy
ISBN: 0681413964. OCLC Number: 25711286

Longmeadow Press,. .

He say, she say
ISBN: 0446605700. OCLC Number: 38403174

Warner Books,. .

Four characters illuminate how African Americans relate to each other through romance, friendship, and family.

My fine lady
ISBN: 0786271450. OCLC Number: 56686455

Thorndike Press,. .

My fine lady /
ISBN: 0452286182. OCLC Number: 57640371

Plume,. .

The hatwearer's lesson /
ISBN: 0452284872. OCLC Number: 54895914

Plume,. .

When her grandmother's sixth sense tells her that something is wrong, Terri, recently engaged and working as an attorney in the north, initially refuses to believe her but is nevertheless drawn back to her small-town roots.

This just in ...
ISBN: 9781436177818. OCLC Number: 276808241

Playaway Digital Audio ;. .

WKBA news in Chicago is reeling. Their ratings are the lowest in town. At the end of their ropes, five women band together to correct injustices and hopefully shoot the station up the ratings chart. But first, they need to crack the good-old-boys network.

This just in-- :
ISBN: 0345446461. OCLC Number: 47906074

Ballantine/One World,. .

Step into the all-consuming world of TV news as Joe weaves her way through the lives of her unforgettable characters: upstart reporter/anchor Holly Johnston--the drop-dead-gorgeous new kid on the block, striving to prove she's up to the task and more than just eye candy; broadcast veteran Alexandra Harbor, WKBA's sole black female photographer--talented, burned out, trying valiantly to keep her last good nerve intact; wife/mother/novice producer Kenya Adams, struggling to make the transition from print reporter to TV newswriter/producer without sacrificing her family life in the process; WKBA's first camerawoman, Meg "Beans" Rippley--white, working-class, and troop leader to many women in the office, wondering if her friendships with the black women at WKBA will withstand the fallout from a newsroom racist incident; and Denise Mitzler, a trailblazing news manager who finds herself stuck between being a "company woman" and doing the right thing when a crisis arises ...

Video cowboys
ISBN: 9781416587521. OCLC Number: 891945741

. .

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