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General Information

Name:  Linda Jane Ellerbee  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1944 in Bryan, Tx

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Illinois Connection

Linda Ellerbee was a newscaster and disc jockey at WVON radio in Chicago from 1964 to 1967.

Biographical and Professional Information

Linda has been a disc Jockey, reporter, writer, and anchor newscaster during her career.

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Titles At Your Library

And So It Goes
ISBN: 0399130470

G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1986

Examines the internal operations of television news and answers many basic journalistic questions beginning who, what, when, where, why

Move on: Adventures in the Real World
ISBN: 0060974699

Perennial. 1992

The author of And So it Goes details more of her life, discussing her roles as mother, daughter, wife, and feminist her alcoholic father her rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic and more. Reprint. LJ. PW. $40,000 ad/promo.

Girl Reporter Blows Lid Off Town! (Get Real, No. 1)
ISBN: 0064407551

HarperCollins. 2000

Girl Reporter Trapped in Body of Eleven-Year-Old Girl! Meet Casey Smith, girl reporter extraordinaire. Sniffing out news? Casey will Rollerblade through the principal's office to get a scoop. There's just one obstacle: the perky, popular, people-pleasing Megan O'Connor, whose idea of a good story is something that makes you feel gooey inside. And this is the kid Casey is supposed to team up with to publish a school newspaper? Get Real.

Girl Reporter Sinks School! (Get Real, No. 2)
ISBN: 006440756X

HarperCollins. 2000

Big-Time Cheaters Rock Small-Time Town!

The pressure is on Casey Smith, girl reporter extraordinaire, to uncover another knock-your-socks-off story. Then...wham! Casey stumbles on a cheating ring at school. Who's guilty? All clues point to super-girl Megan O'Connor.

Can Casey and the Real News gang get Megan off the hook? Does she deserve to be unhooked?

Get Real.

Girl Reporter Stuck in Jam! (Get Real, No. 3)
ISBN: 0064407578

HarperCollins. 2000

Girl Reporter Charged with First-Degree Nosiness

Call the perky patrol! Real News editor Megan O'Connor has gone too far. She's started a new advice column called JAM ("Just Ask Megan"), and Casey Smith, girl reporter, is sure it will be nothing but a magnet for losers. But then JAM gets an anonymous letter from a student who is clearly in deep trouble. Casey knows she's on the trail of a hot scoop, and she's determined to get her story--even if it means exposing the student. Is Casey in over her head? Get real!

Get Real #4: Girl Reporter Snags Crush!
ISBN: 0064407586

HarperCollins. 2000

Strange Epidemic Infects School!

Symptoms include constant hair flipping, eye batting, and the sudden use of hair gel. Diagnosis: First Dance Flu! Could everyone really be more interested in going to the dance then tracking down a school vandal? Casey Smith, girl reporter, pushes past her dance-crazed classmates to find the culprit and enlists the help of Tyler McKenzie. Tyler with the deep brown eyes and really cute smile...Could Casey be coming down with Dance Flu herself? Get Real.

Get Real #5: Ghoul Reporter Digs Up Zombies!
ISBN: 0064407594

HarperCollins. 2000

New Ghoul in Town? Someone or somethingis haunting the local cemetery. Strange creaking noses, flashing lights, and a floating body have been heard and seen. Casey Smith, girl reporter and urban-legend debunker, sets out to prove there is no such thing as a ghost. She needs a little help from Toni Velez, Real News's photographer with a 'tude. But Toni is not her usual sassy self. She's withdrawn, even shaky. Could Toni be afraid of a few spooky graves? Get Real! To find out more, visit the

Get Real #6: Girl Reporter Rocks Polls!
ISBN: 0064407608

HarperColl. 2000

As students gear up for student government elections at Trumbull Middle School, Casey Smith, awesome girl reporter, is on the scene to document the madnes. She's got a new video camera and a list of questions. Why do the "popular" kids always get elected? What would it take to make students care about their vote? An election scandal at Trumbull? Get real!


Girl Reporter Gets the Skinny (Get Real, No. 7)
ISBN: 0064409511

HarperCollins. 2001

Trumbull Cheerleader Loses Her Cheer!

Casey Smith is tumbling—actually, stumbling—into another story. Her best pal, Ringo, is about to make his competition debut with Trumbull's cheerleading squad, but someone's trying to sabotage one of the cheerleaders! Could the saboteur be from a rival team? Or is this a case of jealousy from within Trumbull's ranks?

Casey vows to expose the truth. But can she get her story without the squad's pep-rallying perkiness rubbing off on her? Get real!

Girl Reporter Bytes Back (Get Real, No. 8)
ISBN: 006440952X

HarperCollins. 2001

School newspaper reporter Casey Smith tries to uncover who's behind the counterfeit Alienhead toys being auctioned on the Real News website, and also discovers there are good and bad aspects of Internet filtering.

Take Big Bites: Adventures Around the World and Across the Table
ISBN: 0425209733

Berkley Trade. 2006

A producer for the Nickelodeon network's award-winning Nick News series presents a culinary and travel memoir in which the author remembers the people she met in numerous other cultures, describes the foods she ate, and shares several recipes. Reprint. 100,000 first printing.

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