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General Information

Name:  Karla Clark  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Children;

Born: 1959 in Rockford, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Clark was born, raised and still resides in Rockford. She also lived in Chicago for four years. Two of her novels are set in Chicago and one is set in Rockford.

Biographical and Professional Information

When Karla Clark was a young girl she dreamed of being an artist or a novelist and she is blessed to be both. She has written three novels, a book of short stories, and a children's book. She lives in Rockford, Illinois, with her husband and autistic adult son. "By day, I am a sales rep; by night...I write!"

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Titles At Your Library

Between Courses: A Culinary Love Story
ISBN: 1410759695

AuthorHouse. 2003

Karla Clark's delicious first novel takes on the enduring themes of family, food and love. Filled with dozens of rustic Italian recipes, this funny and touching love story offers a peek into the lives of aspirited Italian-American family of "foodies." Sabina Giovanotti, waitress by day and aunt extra ordinaire by night, is forty, single, and still living above her family's folksy caf in Chicago's Little Italy. Sandwiched between four sisters, all happily married with children, and her mother and aunt, both cooks at the caf, Sabina is trying to come to terms with the fact that her life didn't turn out as planned. She was supposed to marry her childhood sweetheart Vito Salina and run her family's caf with him. But a tragic accident ripped Vito from her life... one week before their wedding... leaving Sabina stuck in neutral, waiting for the next course of her life. Eighteen years later, it's brash, red-headed Aunt Lina who propels Sabina into over drive and helps her to discover all the wonderful life there is between appetizers and dessert. Pull up a stool, tuck in your napkin, and enjoy!

Knotted Pearls: And Other Stories
ISBN: 1418492973

AuthorHouse. 2005

The thirteen stories in this new collection by Karla Clark feature characters adrift . . . pearls of people facing knotty situations. A father away on a business trip who misses his wife and daughters more than they miss him. A newly married woman whose husband "grandmothers" her to death. A garbage man who refuses to define himself by his occupation. A college student who discovers her own beauty. An elderly woman who hasn't spoken to her best friend in twenty years. A Christmas tree grower searching for his trees. Combining humor with grace, Clark teases out issues of the heart in the everyday lives of everyday people. You'll recognize the characters . . . they are people we all know and love.

Annie's Heaven
ISBN: 143890567X

AuthorHouse. 2008

Have you ever wondered if your lost loved ones can look down on you from Heaven? Annie Langdon can. And what she sees is a family falling apart. It?s been a year since her tragic death and still her husband and three children can?t seem to get it together. Help comes when three kooky blonde bombshells move in next door and turn their lives upside down. In her latest novel, Annie?s Heaven, Karla Clark intimately explores the themes of life and afterlife, family secrets, sibling rivalry, and death-defying love.

Everybody and Their Brother
ISBN: 152465888X

AuthorHouse. 2017

When her father dies, May Dearborne and her three older brothers all ask the same question: who is going to take care of Kipp? Kipp being their forty-five-year-old autistic brother. Who are they kidding? Since May is widowed, childless, and Kipp’s twin to boot, of course it will be her.

May, an art professor at the University of Chicago, gives up her comfortable, independent life to move back into the family home with Kipp. But living with her quirky twin isn’t easy. He makes grilled cheese sandwiches in a sideways-turned toaster, sings in an Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks falsetto, and pesters May relentlessly for a dog and a girlfriend.

As May juggles teaching and preparing for the gallery show she hopes will lead to a coveted promotion, she finds herself besieged by men. There’s her narcissistic brother Sal who moves in when his wife kicks him out. And her teenage nephew who needs some space from his infatuated father. There’s Dilly, her smitten childhood friend who shows his love for her through gourmet cupcakes. And then there’s Mr. Do-It-Right, the flirty painter she hires to renovate the old house. Throw in a mystery woman, a puppy, and a girlfriend for Kipp, and now everybody and their brother is clamoring for May’s attention.

At its heart, Karla Clark’s third novel is an endearing story about the connectedness of adult siblings and how they inextricably link each other to the world long after their parents are gone.

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