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Marilyn A. Gardiner

Born: in Sparta, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Gardiner was born in Sparta, Illinois and currently resides in Assumption, Illinois.

Biography: Marilyn Gardiner began her career as a secretary. She now writes and is a vocal musician.

  • '''''My Pretty Lady'''''
  • -- Golden Wings Award '''''Flight of Angels'''''
  • -- Golden Wings Award
  • -- Simegen Press - Best New Author and Best New Book

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Paranormal; Romance; Suspense

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Banjo eyes /
ISBN: 1597056782 OCLC: 461032554

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2008.

  Dancing ladies /
ISBN: 1597058041 OCLC: 461032350

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2007.

Flight of angels /
ISBN: 1590889800 OCLC: 51268702

Wings ePress, Lusk, Wyo. : 2001.

Keeper of the singing bones /
ISBN: 159088955X OCLC: 55994661

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : ©2002.

  Like a river, my love /
ISBN: 1590889207 OCLC: 51464966

Wings ePress Inc., Richmond, KY : ©2002.

"Floating down the Ohio River in 1778 with George Rogers Clark and his small army, Verity survives capture by Indians, the rigors of flatboat transportation, the unwanted attentions of an overbearing, crude and cruel fellow traveller, and all the dangers of wilderness travel. To her unwelcome surprise, she finds herself responding to the combined patience of the expedition's scout, Trey Owens. Love is most definitely not in her plans. Can she--dare she--trust her heart to a man who prizes his freedom above all things?"--Cover page 4.

Mistletoe and holly
ISBN: 9781597056236 OCLC: 461032412

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2009.

  My pretty lady /
ISBN: 1590889576 OCLC: 61054647

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2002.

  When the wind blows
ISBN: 1590888510 OCLC: 53151252

Wings ePress, Inc., Richmond, KY : ©2002.

Six year old Gilly has disappeared from school. Terrified, Molly hunts desperately for her son along with Detective Colin Herrick as they confront death threats, intruders and underworld characters. Complications arise when Molly begins thinking of Colin as more than just the detective in charge of finding her son. The question is: can Colin protect her and still find Gilly in time?--Cover.

  Window on Windemere /
ISBN: 159705738X OCLC: 461034039

Wings ePress, Richmond, KY : 2007.