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Valerie J. Osborn

Born: 1941 in Danville, Illinois
Pen Name: Valerie Huffman Osborn, Valerie Huffman-Osborn

Connection to Illinois: Osborn was born in Danville and currently resides in Champaign, Illinois.

Biography: Osborn has created a wonderful story for children based on the happiness a child can feel in helping others, with illustrations by Michael Osborn (her son), and edited by elementary teacher, Kimberly Osborn (Michael's wife). The only child of a small-town minister and his busy wife, Osborn had time alone to read and to create stories for herself and her friends. In ''A Week of Bunnies'', she has put her creative nature and the influence of her parents to good use.Osborn appeared on Central Illinois WDWS radio with Alex Ruggerri in the fall of 2012.


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Selected Titles

  A week of bunnies /
ISBN: 1932278257 OCLC: 166244534

Mayhaven Pub., Mahomet, IL : 2007.

Young bunnies discover the happiness that comes from helping others.

  Black smoke and peanut butter sandwiches /
ISBN: 1932278818 OCLC: 867283387

For you, too, the sun will shine /
ISBN: 193119520X OCLC: 56358616

KiwE Pub., Spokane, Wash. : ©2004.

Handbook on the economics and management of sustainable oceans
ISBN: 9781786430717 OCLC: 974914914