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Barbara Elliott Carpenter

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Carpenter lives in south central Illinois.

Biography: Carpenter grew up in a small Midwest town, much like the fictional town of Redbud Grove, Illinois. Her love of writing began in the fourth grade and is now a passion, taking precedence over oil painting, which she also enjoys. Barbara has received awards and prizes for her poems and short stories, some of which are currently included in the curriculum of a California high school Literature class. She has been published in ''Reader's Digest'' and other periodicals, and her works appear in national magazines and anthologies, such as the ''Chicken Soup For the Soul'' books and ''Not Your Mother's Book ... On Being a Woman''. Barbara was a member of the Cedarhurst Writer's Roundtable for many years.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Star light, star bright /
ISBN: 1410716856 OCLC: 53208089

1stBooks, Bloomington, IN : 2003.

The wish I wish tonight
ISBN: 9781434342317 OCLC: 191324429

AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Ind. : ©2007.

Sissy Bannister comes to grips with moral issues of her occupation, loneliness, temptation, journalistic success, mind-numbing terror and sorrow, all the while sustained by the same indomitable spirit with which she was born.

Wish I may, wish I might ...
ISBN: 1420860097 OCLC: 70236242

AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Ind. : 2005.

Continues the story of Sissy Bannister. It follows Sissy from the age of fourteen to thirty-eight: through the difficult relocation from the plains of Central Illinois to the West Virginia mountains; the tumultuous days of desegregation; the introduction of rock music and Elvis; the angst of the dating years; a tumultuous marriage; and, finally, the Vietnam war. Dramatic events affecting the Bannister family include a coalmine disaster, the brutal attack on a neighbor's child, and the witnessing of a murder. The novel also introduces a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like who creates a frenzy among the student body and an intense feud between the high school music director and the football coach.

Without a quarter in my pocket :
ISBN: 9781438911311 OCLC: 314150786

AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN : 2008.