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Eric T. Freyfogle

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Freyfogle teaches at the University of Illinois College of Law at Urbana-Champaign.

Biography: Freyfogle is a widely published scholar who has written widely on the many links between people and land, and on the need for a more land-sensitive culture, including the award-winning ''Bounded People, Boundless Lands''. His nonlegal writings have appeared in various publications, from ''Conservation Biology'', ''Wild Earth'', and ''Orion to Dissent'' and ''The New York Times''. A highly regarded speaker, Freyfogle has been a speaker at land-related conferences sponsored by major federal agencies, major national conservation organizations, and such professional organizations as the Society of American Foresters, the George Wright Society, and the Natural Areas Association. In January 2004 he was appointed editor of the Leopold Conservation Papers Project, an effort to edit and publish in thematic volumes the conservation writings of Aldo Leopold. Freyfogle is the Max L. Rowe Professor of Law, University of Illinois College of Law at Urbana-Champaign. He has taught law and environmental policy at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for over two decades.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Bounded people, boundless lands :
ISBN: 1559634189 OCLC: 39747621

Island Press, Washington, D.C. : ©1998.

"Raises provocative questions about private property rights, responsible land ownership, the rights of wildlife, and ecological health". -- Jacket.

Justice and the Earth :
ISBN: 0252065263 OCLC: 32589523

Schools with spirit :
ISBN: 9780807044179 OCLC: 50175516

Beacon Press, Boston : 2002.

In Schools with Spirit, twelve respected educators show how they welcome the sacred into their own work with students, in spite of their fears of overstepping and in the face of the complex obstacles to nurturing the inner life of children in a school setting. Since the mid-1990s, when Daniel Goleman established that nurturing a young person's emotional intelligence enhances his or her ability to learn, schools have been struggling with ways to attend to students' emotional and social -- as well as intellectual -- development. Yet too many recent books and programs tout the character education of children as a cure for incivility and worse, and too many of these are barely disguised tracts with religious or culturally noninclusive agendas.

The land we share :
ISBN: 1559638907 OCLC: 52133136

Island Press, Washington, D.C. : ©2003.

Discussion of a core feature of American life--private ownership of land, water, and other elements of nature. What rights do private owners really possess, and what responsibilities might society reasonably impose on them? Argues that property ownership is an evolving legal arrangement, tied to shifting beliefs about community interest. [book cover].

Why conservation is failing and how it can regain ground
ISBN: 9780300133295 OCLC: 123222823

Yale University Press, New Haven : ©2006.

Critics of environmental laws complain that such rules often burden people unequally, restrict individual liberty, and undercut private property rights. In formulating responses to these criticisms, the conservation effort has stumbled badly, says Eric Freyfogle in this thought-provoking book. Conservationists and environmentalists haven't done their intellectual homework, he contends, and they have failed to offer an understandable, compelling vision of healthy lands and healthy human communities. Freyfogle explores why the conservation movement has responded ineffectually to the many cultural and economic criticisms leveled against it. He addresses the meaning of good land use, describes the many shortcomings of 'sustainability', and outlines six key tasks that the cause must address. Among these is the crafting of an overall goal and a vision of responsible private ownership. The book concludes with a stirring message that situates conservation within America's story of itself and with an extensive annotated bibliography of conservation's most valuable voices and texts - important information for readers prepared to take conservation more seriously.

Wildlife law :
ISBN: 1559639768 OCLC: 780442992

Island Press, Washington, DC : ©2009.

Wildlife Law is a comprehensive and readable primer that provides an overview of U.S. wildlife law for a broad audience, including professionals who work with wildlife or who manage wildlife habitat, students across the spectrum of natural resource courses, landowners, developers, hunters, guides, and those associated with the field of private game ranching. Authors Eric T. Freyfogle and Dale D. Goble are legal scholars who are experts in wildlife law. This book is the first ever to survey the entire field, covering state and federal law with a strong grounding in wildlife science. The writing style is lively and engaging, with descriptions of unusual and intriguing cases that illustrate key points and bring to life the importance and intricacies of the field. The book includes thirteen chapters on topics such as - what wildlife law is, what it covers, and what it seeks to achieve; - constitutional issues and key federal statutes; - wildlife liability issues, from spider bites to escaped zoo animals; - state game laws, hunting and fishing rights of Indian tribes; - and the Endangered Species Act. Wildlife Law fills a long-standing gap in the literature and introduces readers to the basics of wildlife law while exploring such current controversies as endangered species protection, tribal fishing rights, game ranches, and the challenges of constructing wildlife corridors. It is a much-needed addition to the bookshelf of everyone working with or concerned about wildlife in the United States.