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Edwin Diamond

Born: 1925 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Born and raised in Chicago, Edwin Diamond received his bachelor's and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago.

Biography: Mr. Diamond was born in Chicago and was a reporter, writer and senior editor at ''Newsweek'' from 1958 to 1970, where he covered the space program. He later worked at ''The New York Daily News'', ''Adweek'' magazine, ''New York'' magazine, ''The Washington Journalism Review'' and in television in Washington. He wrote eleven books and his articles appeared in many publications, including ''Harper's'', ''The New York Times Magazine'', ''Esquire'' and ''The Nation''.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction; Other

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Behind the Times :
ISBN: 0226144720 OCLC: 32465274

University of Chicago Press, Chicago : 1995.

An incisive examination of the world's most respected paper, Behind the Times tells the story of changing Timesian values and of a new era for the paper--a tale of editorial struggles, star columnists and critics, institutional self-importance, and the political and cultural favorites of the Times' owners and editors. Taking the reader inside the Times' newsrooms and executive offices, Diamond offers an expert, insider's appraisal of how the Times and its editors continue to shape coverage of major public events for over one million readers. Diamond goes behind the scenes to recount the paper's recent and much heralded plan to win larger audiences and hold on to its dominant position in the new media landscape of celebrity journalism and hundred-channel television. "Edwin Diamond's Behind the Times sets the Paper of Record straight--a fascinating look at the people and policies, the dissension and debate behind the seemingly serene masthead of the New York Times. No newsroom is a Garden of Eden, and only the rare reporter wears a halo: the Times, not surprisingly, is an imperfect place. But Edwin Diamond is careful to note the triumph as well as the turmoil at this great American newspaper. The result is a window on the changing world of journalism today."--Dan Rather.

Behind the Times :
ISBN: 9780307833372 OCLC: 846845545

Villard Books, New York : 1994.

Diamond examines the history of the Times, the Times' reviews of politics, and the politics of its reviews--book, theater, film, dance, music, and art.

Sign off :
ISBN: 0262540398 OCLC: 34277389

MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. : ©1983.

Telecommunications in crisis :
ISBN: 0932790399 OCLC: 9780713

Cato Institute, Washington, D.C. : ©1983.

The media show :
ISBN: 0262041251 OCLC: 23651158

MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. : ©1991.

The science of dreams :
ISBN: 1425487890 OCLC: 70201050

[Kessinger Publishing], [Whitefish, Mont.?] : [1985?]

The spot :
ISBN: 0262540657 OCLC: 24700595

MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. : ©1992.

  The tin kazoo :
ISBN: 0262540320 OCLC: 4179336

MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. : 1977, ©1975.

  The tin kazoo :
ISBN: 0262040484 OCLC: 1502475

MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. : [1975]

White House to your house :
ISBN: 026254086X OCLC: 32664777

MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass : ©1995.

White House to Your House is a fast-paced account of contemporary media coverage of national politics during a time when the top two books on the best-seller list were by Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. The story begins with the 1992 election and concludes with the stunning Republican victory of November 1994. As candidates communicate more and more on new-media outlets campaigns have less and less to do with substantive policy matters. Through interviews, on-scene reporting, and content analyses of media coverage, the authors expose a democratic system in the middle of a massive short-circuiting.

  White House to Your House :
ISBN: 9780262271691 OCLC: 923251558

MIT Press, Cambridge : 2015.