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Robert E Rockwell

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University



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Selected Titles

Everybody has a body :
ISBN: 0876591586 OCLC: 27144025

Gryphon House, Mt. Rainier, Md. : ©1992.

Contains science activities for use by teachers of children ages three through six.

Families and educators as partners /
ISBN: 1428318283 OCLC: 234444032

Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, Belmont, Calif. : 2010.

This book presents multiple strategies and techniques for building family involvement in schools, and helps students discern which to employ in the various educational settings they will encounter. Written with both public and private education in mind, this text includes many helpful features, including chapter-by-chapter student learning outcomes; boldface key terms; practical, experience-based examples; questions for discussion, expansion, and application; case studies; and website resources. - From publisher.

  Fitness and nutrition for seniors /
ISBN: 0398049483 OCLC: 10146981

Thomas, Springfield, Ill., U.S.A. : ©1984.

Linking language :
ISBN: 0876592027 OCLC: 41131819

Gryphon House, Beltsville, Md. : ©1999.

Contains detailed instructions and reproducible worksheets to improve language and literacy skills in early childhood education classrooms, and covers snack time, dramatic and outdoor play, art, music and movement, math and science, and more.

Linking Language :
ISBN: 9780876596197 OCLC: 894938890

Gryphon House, Inc., Lewisville, NC : 1999.

Filled with practical, everyday activities that build language development and early literacy into your daily schedule. Use circle time, snack time, dramatic play or any other time throughout the day to develop children's language skills. The authors discuss both expressive language (talking), and receptive language (listening), as well as the beginnings of reading and writing. Each cross-curricular activity includes ways to enhance children's vocabulary, questions to help the teacher evaluate the children's progress, an annotated list of books that relate to the activity and age-appropriate suggestions for writing experiences.

Parents and teachers as partners :
ISBN: 0155004832 OCLC: 34788814

Harcourt Brace College Publishers, Fort Worth : ©1996.

As a child's first caregiver and teacher, a parent has both the right and the responsibility to be involved in the child's formal education. Early childhood programs need to begin to involve parents in the education of their children. It has never been possible to help children grow and develop without the mutual respect and cooperation between home and school. Today, this cooperation is more important than ever in children's achievement. Comprehensive yet practical, this textbook offers many strategies for working with families from diverse backgrounds or those who have children with special needs; communicating via written and oral means; organizing parent group meetings, conferences, and home visits; and utilizing support systems, including volunteers and community networks.