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Erin Pringle

Born: September 16, 1981 in Terre Haute, Indiana
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Pringle grew up in Casey, Illinois. She lived there until she was eighteen years old. She also attended Columbia College in Chicago in 2000.

Biography: Erin Pringle was born to Carol J. and James E. Pringle in Terre Haute, Indiana because it was the closest hospital to Casey, Illinois. She lived in Casy, Illinois until she was eighteen and went to Chicago to go to Columbia College. Pringle currently resides in Texas with her husband Jeremy Toungate. Pringle has a MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University and a B.S. in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from Indiana State University where she also graduated cum laude. Erin's work has been heavily anthologised and has been read on radio. Her fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, named a ''Best American Notable Non-Required Reading of 2007'', and was short-listed for the 2007 Charles Pick Fellowship.'''Published Stories'''*Fall 2008 ''Every Good Girl Does Fine'' in ''Big Pulp''''The Floating Order'' in ''Electric Velocipede''*Summer 2008 ''Midwest in Memoriam'' in ''New York Tyrant''''Sleight'' in ''Dogzplot'' ''The Goblin Train'' in ''kadar koli'' *Spring 2008 ''Why Jimmy'' in ''Austin Chronicle Online''''All I Have Left'' in ''Etchings''''Rabbits'' in ''Interbirth Books'' website*Winter 2007/2008 ''Drift'' in ''pacificReview''''Sanctuary'' in ''Dark Recesses''*Fall 2007''Pygmalions'' in ''Ugly Accent''''Thirteen Ways of Looking at My Father'' in ''Quay'' *Summer 2007 ''Trolls'' in ''Whistling Shade''''All I Have Left'' in ''Project for a New Mythology''''Skeletons/My Fourth Birthday'' in ''SUB-LIT''*Fall 2006 ''The Only Child'' in ''Barrelhouse'' (print edition, illustrated by Warren Craghead)*Spring 2006 ''Digging'' in ''Lake Effect''''Magnolia Lyric'' in ''Quarter After Eight'' ''Park'' in ''Sno*vigate''''The Only Child'' in ''Barrelhouse'' (web edition)*Summer 2005 ''Losing, I Think'' in ''Whistling Shade'' *Fall 2005 ''Stay'' in ''Porcupine''''Losing, I Think'' in ''Circle''''Moxie'' in ''Bonfire''*Spring 2003 ''Remember Ella'' in ''Quarter After Eight''*Winter 2003 ''Wednesday Night Reflections, Edited Thursday'' in ''Quarter After Eight''''Raw As Hands'' in ''Pagitica in Toronto''''Mabel and Ivy'' in ''Downstate Story''''Looker'' in ''Adirondack Review''*Spring 2002 ''Where Cats Meow'' in ''Indiana English Journal''*January 2001''Novel excerpt: Of Helen'' in ''Drunk Duck''.

  • ''The Only Child'' was named a Best American Notable Non-Required Reading for 2007 Shortlisted for the 2007 Charles Pick Fellowship Winner of Pagitica in Toronto Short-Fiction Contest Pushcart-Prize Nominee for ''The Only Child'' in 2007 Finalist in Austi

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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The floating order /
ISBN: 1906120420 OCLC: 317254565

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