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Heidi Radkiewicz

Connection to Illinois: Radkiewicz currently resides in Oswego. She has also lived in Villa Park.

Biography: Heidi Radkiewicz (an Army veteran) was born and raised in rural Iowa but she now resides in the Chicagoland area where she is a stay at home mother/wife. She enjoys taking care of her family, working out, health and nutrition, having fun with her crazy dog, reading up on politics, and traveling around the country, in the RV, with her family. Her book is a memoir of her and her husband getting called to serve in Iraq in the weeks after their wedding, and a new marriage beset by the horrors of war.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Honeymoon in Baghdad
ISBN: 1947368753 OCLC: 1042563952

Business Ghost 2018

Have you ever heard of a married couple fighting in a war, together? Marriage is hard enough when dealing with the normal, everyday scenarios that life gives you. Imagine being thrown into a battle zone with your spouse. How would your marriage fare? Would it make you stronger? Would it bring you closer together or further apart? Heidi Radkiewicz' Honeymoon in Baghdad explores the challenges and joys of a new marriage beset by the horrors of war. National Guard recruits, Heidi and Jake, learned that they were both shipping off to Iraq mere weeks after tying the knot. In the months that followed, intense heat, mind-numbing boredom, and the ever-present danger of roadside bombs and murderous insurgents forged this pair into a team that can take on the world.